Rob Toussaint
Commercial director

Heracles Almelo

Heracles Almelo

Almelo February 2016 – The renewed Heracles stadium opened after the summer of 2015. The build of a new second ring increased the capacity from 8.500 to 12.080 visitors. "Previously sponsors paid a lot of money to sit on plastic seats", according to Rob Toussaint, commercial director of Heracles Almelo. "With the new stadium we changed our priorities; we invest in comfort and experience"

We invest in comfort

In different ways Heracles Almelo ensured that supporters enjoy a comfortable match. "Supporters can easily get food and drinks without missing a part of the match", says Rob. "Chairs are placed further apart, the business area has become very beautiful and the luxurious business seats are heated with Sit & Heat".

Heated business seats Heracles Almelo

Sustainable heating

"Sit & Heat is comfortable, but also more sustainable", says Rob Toussaint. "I do not believe in outdoor heaters. Outdoor heaters heat the air around you and most of the times the heat won’t reach the visitors, because they do not sit in the range of the heater. The response is very positive. People love it! When a sponsor chooses for a Sit & Heat seat, they will get their logo of the company on the seat. I expect that more sponsors will choose for this option".

A club with results

The additional investment in comfort and experience resulted in increase of the catering sales. Also the number of visitors went up. "It looks really stunning!" is something that Rob regularly hears. The main goal for Heracles is to get more revenue and keep the extra visitors. "We are going to put Heracles on the map", says Rob. "A Dutch Eredivisie club close to home, with a nice atmosphere. A club where visitors are entertained, where children can play football on the field after the game and where fans can comfortably enjoy a match".