Bart van Kruistum
Chairman Business Club

Quick Boys

Football Club Quick Boys

Katwijk December 2015 – As from December the Business Club of Kvv. Quick Boys can enjoy matches on comfortable, heated seats. The heated seats by Sit & Heat add an extra dimension to football matches. From now on, sponsors of this first-division player can enjoy home matches of their favourite football team on comfortable, heated seats.

Enthusiastic sponsors

The Business Club of Quick Boys is "the place to be" on Saturdays during home matches of Quick Boys. The steady growth of new sponsors is a striking example of this fact. In order to extra facilitate these sponsors the Business Club decided amongst others to purchase heated business-seats. Initially, these sponsors were rather sceptical. After the first cold and bleak home match their scepticism turned into appreciation. All 120 seats were sold in less than no time. Next season the Business Club intends to purchase 40 extra seats.

Quick Boys Sit & Heat heated business seats


Many football clubs heat their spectators by means of gas- or electric heaters, in the roof of the stadium. It means a lot of heat is wasted. Quick Boys is the first football club in the Netherlands heating their Business Club members in a sustainable way, thanks to Sit & Heat heated seats. It saves 95% on energy, compared to traditional heaters. In view of all discussions on climate change, Business Club chairman Bart van Kruistum is extremely pleased with these savings. 

Premier League

More and more football clubs strive for a sustainable stadium. For this reason, various premier league clubs in the Netherlands have contacted Sit & Heat. In the Netherlands and Belgium you can experience Sit & Heat on various terraces. Extremely comfortable for guests, much lower energy costs for catering entrepreneurs.