Our team

  • Jorg Rijkschroeff

    R&D / Commercial team

    About me

    I'm the founder of Sit & Heat and have a background in Industrial Design. During my study I did a scholarship Entrepreneurship in the United States.

  • Jeroen Diks

    Commercieel team

    About me

    Mijn studie commerciĆ«le economie en mijn werkzaamheden bij SNS Bank hebben mij geĆÆnspireerd om te gaan ondernemen. Na een mooi payroll avontuur bij Zember en Payroll Select ben ik nu klaar voor een commercieel avontuur bij Sit & Heat.

  • Clemens Roelofs


    About me

    I worked for the last 28 years for the international company Stork. I had different functions, but mainly worked as a service/sales inspector all over the world. The last 12 years in Asia.

  • Jaap van Schijndel

    Commercial team

    About me

    I studied Economics with a minor International Business. For the last nine years I had a function as accountmanager in the Automotive Industry.

  • Ardie van Bommel


    About me

    After my study at the Design Academy I started Design Studio BOMM. My specialty is design for public spaces. With Sit & Heat we create and finalize products.

  • Petra Bettgens

    Retail Benelux

    About me

    With my business named Eftrade, I deliver garden furniture to a lot of stores. Now we will make sure that you can also find Sit & Heat there, so you can enjoy your garden longer.