Get a heat wave in your stadium!

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Make your fans comfortable with warmed seats from Sit & Heat

Save money on energy bills by using Sit & Heat comfortable heated chair

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Our heated options

Heated VIP seats

There is a wide range of different heated VIP seats.

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Build in

Sit & Heat can be built in almost any existing soft seat.

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Heated plastic seats

Sit & Heat can be integrated in plastic seats. A warm experience for everyone in the stadium.

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How does it work?

The unique thing about Sit & Heat is the combination of energy saving and more comfort. Energy is no longer lost, as users isolate heat as soon as they sit down on the cushion. It means, you don't only save energy, but create comfort at the same time. After all, Sit & Heat cushions heat the user’s torso. As organs are located in this part of the body, users experience overall warmth. Each user can adjust heat individually, ensuring his/her seat is never too warm or too cold.

Automatic heating

Sit & Heat switches on automatically when a visitor sits down on it and switches off automatically after two minutes after the person left.

Adjust warmth individually

Sit & Heat heating is individually adjustable. With the control button you simply change the temperature, switch on, switch off.

Power supply

The transformer provides the energy. It converts 220V into 12V. This converter can easily be plugged into the main power.