Sit & Heat office heating

  • Energy efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Control your own warmth


Efficient heating

Temperature is subject of discussion in any office and might influence work performances. Especially in large spaces it is quite difficult to satisfy everybody. In order to avoid employees are either too warm or too cold, the most effective solution is an individual source of heat. If all office chairs are fitted with Sit & Heat you can turn down central heating in winter. Each employee can control his or her warmth by means of a control button. This control button has three settings: low, average and high.

Upgrade your own office seat with Sit & Heat
Time for a new office chair? Check out the possibilities of DESKO
This add-on cushion can be made for almost every office chair
People can personally adjust the amount of warmth
A battery can be placed in te back of the chair


All employees can control heat individually. Are you having back complaints? The warmth of Sit & Heat will improve blood circulation in your back and will make aching muscles and joints supple again.

Cost saving

You can turn off or turn down central heating in winter. In our office, 50m2, it resulted into a major cost saving of €500,- a year!

Environmentally friendly

Besides cost saving, Sit & Heat is environmentally friendlier as well. Contribute your mite to society! CO2 emission can easily be reduced by offering your employees Sit & Heat’s comfortable warmth.

Choose your own way!

Upgrade an refurbished office chair or your current office chair with Sit & Heat. The heating system will be installed in the office chair. More info? Jeroen will help you!

Power supply

Sit & Heat can be heated by means of a battery. Dependent on your heat setting it will heat your chair 2-4 hours. The battery can easily be charged and connected. A wired version is available as well. A converter supplies power. This converter can easily be plugged into mains supply.