Sit & Heat for your caravan

  • Energy efficiĆ«nt
  • Comfortable
  • Custom-made


Temperature in your caravan

Sit & Heat allows you to enjoy your mobile home longer during cold seasons. As Sit & Heat warms you up immediately, you can turn down central heating in your mobile home. 

Efficient heating

Many caravans are fitted with a gas- or electric heater. These heaters circulate hot air. As it might be cold in spring or autumn, Sit & Heat can supply extra, instant heat, without heating the entire caravan.

Convert your sofa into a heated bed
The control panel is extremely flat


As the cushion heats your torso, overall warmth is created. Each user can adjust heat individually, ensuring his/her seat is never too warm or too cold.

Cost saving

If you replace your current heating by Sit & Heat, you will save energy and money.

Environmentally friendly

In comparison with current heating Sit & Heat can save up to 95% on energy costs. The cushion is automatically switched on as soon as you sit down. No waste of energy!

Power supply

The Sit & Heat can be heated by means of a battery. Dependent on your heat setting it will heat your seat 2-4 hours. The battery can easily be charged and connected. 

A wired version is available as well. A converter supplies power. This converter can easily be plugged into mains supply.