Sit & Heat boat heating

  • Energy efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Control your own warmth


Enjoy your boat longer

Sit & Heat allows you to enjoy your boat longer on colder days. As Sit & Heat warms you up immediately, you don’t waste any warmth. Curious about our contribution to your boat? Please, feel free to contact us. 


As the cushion heats your torso, overall warmth is created. Each user can adjust heat individually, ensuring his/her seat is never too warm or too cold.

Cost saving

If you replace your current heating by Sit & Heat, you will save energy and money.

Environmentally friendly

In comparison with current heating Sit & Heat can save up to 95% on energy costs. The cushion is automatically switched on as soon as you sit down. No waste of energy!

Power supply

The Sit & Heat can be heated by means of a battery. Dependent on your heat setting it will heat your seat 2-4 hours. The battery can easily be charged and connected. 

A wired version is available as well. A converter supplies power. This converter can easily be plugged into mains supply.