Choose a more simplified version of Sit & Heat: a bottom cushion, a pillow or one of our standard terrace cushion. All of our standard heated cushions are made of a special outdoor fabric called Sunol. The cushions are equipped with a rechargeable battery and each seat only uses 15Watt.

Bottom cushion

This square bottom cushion fits on almost every chair. The dimensions are 40 x 40 x 4 cm.


The pillow is a cushion that you can use on different types of furniture. Nice and warm in the back.

Terrace cushion

These terrace cushions are available in three different models and heats from the back.

Removable cover

The cover can be removed and can be easily washed.

Four different colours

The standard cushions are available in black, grey, taupe and red.


Logos can be embroidered on the cushions and will increase visibility or can be used for sponsorship.


Because the cushions are heated by a battery, there are no cables needed on the terrace.

Try out!

Request a free try out for your terrace. Please fill in your contact details via the contact button on the right of your computer screen. We are happy to introduce Sit & Heat to you and your guests.