Customized lounge cushions

Sit & Heat makes custom-made lounge cushions. It is possible to have more heated seats per cushion. Everyone on the couch can have a nice and warm experience. De cushions can be easily plugged in the AC.


The fabrics are developed for outdoor and professional use. The special water resistant after-treatment ensures that the fabric is protected from dirt, liquids or chlorinated water.


We are more than happy to assist you by measuring the benches and look into the possibilities.


Your terrace has to match the rest of your company. You can determine the colours of the cushions yourself.


To match your corporate identity we can embroider your logo on the cushions. Another figure? No problem.

Waterproof inverter

The inverters are IP67 approved and can be screwed under the bench or on the wall.

Easy plug-in

Because of the plug connection, you can easily disconnect your cushion and bring your cushion inside.

Customized cable length

Determine in advance the length of the cable between the cushion and the inverter. No unnecessarily long cables on your terrace.

"Sit & Heat is a great addition to the hospitality industry"

Johannes van de Bent | Pancake house De Duivelsberg - Nijmegen

Three seat cushion

- Fabric: Sunol.
- Sizes (w/d/h/t): 140/45/40/6 cm.
- Three heated seats.
- Heated bottom and back.
- Price per heated seat: €133 ex. VAT

Corner couch cushions

- Fabric: Sunbrella.
- Sizes (w/w/d/h/t): 120/145/55/55/8 cm.
- Four seats with three heated seats.
- Heated bottom and back.
- Price per seat: €161 ex. VAT

Two seat cushion with logo

- Fabric: Duarin.
- Sizes (w/d/h/t): 110/50/40/10 cm.
- Two heated seats.
- Heated bottom and back.
- Price per seat: €171 ex. VAT

Try out!

Request a free try out for your terrace. Please fill in your contact details via the contact button on the right of your computer screen. We are happy to introduce Sit & Heat to you and your guests.