Customized chair cushions

Heat your guests by using our wireless cushion. The rechargeable battery does not requires any cables on the terrace. The battery is located on the backside of the chair. The battery can be easily changed while someone is sitting on the chair.


We are more than happy to assist you by measuring the chairs and look into the possibilities.


Your terrace has to match the rest of your company.. You can determine the colours of the cushions yourself.


To match your corporate identity it is possible to embroider your logo on the cushions. Another figure? No problem!


The fabrics are developed for outdoor and professional use. The fabrics are water resistant and easy to clean.


Because the cushions are heated by a battery, there are no cables needed on the terrace.

Ability to lock

Because the seat and the back of the cushion are connected to each other with a tunnel, it is possible to lock the cushions to the seat.

Compatible with all chairs

A correct solution for every type of chair.

“My guests simply love Sit & Heat. It gives them an extra reason to return. Even in winter my terrace is filled”.

Nicky Maas | Eetcafé De Blonde Pater - Nijmegen


Sit & Heat can be heated by means of a battery. Dependent on your heat setting it will heat your chair 2-4 hours. The battery can easily be charged and connected.

The battery is located at the back of the chair
The battery can easily be replaced
If the battery is almost exhausted the indicator light will blink

Custom made cushion

- Fabric: Sunol.
- Sizes (w/d/h/t): 45/45/4 cm, fillet.
- Heated bottom.
- Price per seat: €110 ex. VAT.
- Sensor, battery and charger included.

Custom made cushion

- Fabric: Sunbrella.
- Sizes (w/d/h/t): 40/40/47/4 cm.
- Heated bottom and back.
- Total price: €178 ex. VAT.
- Sensor, battery and charger included

Custom made cushion

- Fabric: Durain.
- Sizes (w/d/h/t): 40/40/40/4 cm.
- Heated bottom and back.
- Total price: €189 ex. VAT.
- Sensor, battery and charger included

Try out!

Request a free try out for your terrace. Please fill in your contact details via the contact button on the right of your computer screen. We are happy to introduce Sit & Heat to you and your guests.