Go for Green!

Since 2010, the European Commission rewards cities for their effort to protect the environment with the European Green Capital Award. The award is handed to the city which has shown active and innovative efforts to realise a more sustainable and cleaner environment. The purpose of the award is therefore to support and motivate European cities to improve the environment. From January 2018, Nijmegen can be the proud winner of the Green Capital Award 2018! Would you like to contribute to make Nijmegen even Greener?

The Green Capital Challenge

Since previous years, Nijmegen has made many sustainable meters. For instance; isolated houses, installed solar panels, quick-route routes for cyclist and reduced the gas and electricity consumption. Coming year, the government of Nijmegen will support and stimulate various projects to make the city more environmentally friendly and to act as a role model for other cities.

Do your part!

Together with the hospitality entrepreneurs in Nijmegen and our partners: Rabobank, Huismerk Energie and Power2Nijmegen, we started a nice challenge! Donate € 25 and help to preserve the terraces in Nijmegen. As a warm thank you, you will receive a little book with over € 200,- of discount coupons to spend in participating hospitality enterprises!


Curious about the coupons? We are more than happy to inform you a little more. Do you like to snack when you go out for a drink? With one of the coupons you will get some Dutch delicacies free of charge! Or do you want a guided tour through a brewery with a discount? Maybe you like to high tea with your friends, in this case there is a coupon which will give you the second high tea for free! For only €25,- you can contribute to a more sustainable environment and, of course, take advantage of the 21 unique discounts. You can order the little guide full of discounts here

Thanks to your contribution, Nijmegen will be a little bit greener. We would like to thank you for helping the city to be more sustainable. Go for Green!

*Participating hospitality enterprises: Café Biessels, Café de Blonde Pater, De Bruijn, Credible, Café Daen, De Derde Kamer, Ducommerce, Eten & Drinken, Café Faber, Flores, Fresca, In de Kazerne, Pinot, De Ruyter, St. Anneke, De Stadstuyn, Stoom, De Vereeniging, Vlaams Arsenaal, Waud, De Wit