Comfortable and energy efficient terrace heating

A warm and full terrace all year long

Patented technology

Sit & Heat is an energy efficient outdoor terrace heating in cushions. Terrace heaters and other energy wasting heaters become superfluous. The heated seats of Sit & Heat are extremely comfortable and you will also save up to 95% on energy costs at the same time.

Sit & Heat switches on automatically as soon as you sit down
Guests can control warmth themselves
Pleasant heating for back, bottom and legs
Sit & Heat automatically switches off as soon as you stand up
Orange LED lights make the terrace looks warm

Cost saving

Sit & Heat uses up 40 Watt, calculate your savings here.

Sales increase and hospitality

Each guest controls warmth him/herself. They like to stay seated longer.

Suitable for any chair or sofa

Customized for any terrace. You can determine the size of the cushions yourself.

Colours and print

Determine the colours of the cushions yourself or provide them with your logo.

Environmentally friendly

Sit & Heat switches off automatically, no waste of energy!

Sit & Heat terraces

comfortable and energy efficient

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The Sit & Heat terraces together saved:

779380 kg CO2

Also save on energy costs?

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Electric heaters
Cost per year
Gas heaters
Cost per year
S&H seats
Cost per year


Power per heater
Total assets
Usage per year
Cost per year

4 Electric heaters

2.000 Watt

Gas heaters

12.000 Watt

S&H seats

30 Watt
Calculation based on 1000 hours of heat per year
Annually save:

Save on energy costs

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Save costs contact

Adjust warmth individually

Sit & Heat heating is individually adjustable. With the control button you simply change the temperature, switch on, switch off.

Automatic heating

Sit & Heat switches on automatically when a visitor sits down on it and switches off automatically after two minutes after the person left.