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Bistro Tante Pietje


"People need to come here to experience the cosiness of former times", says entrepreneur Kees. "Since to opening of the Bistro Tante Pietje 15 years ago, the atmosphere remained the same. However, many new elements were added during the years. I believe it is a compliment that people say we renew, but they do not exactly know what has changed. The experience remains the same, that is important to me".

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Bistro Flores


"I have always been dreaming about having a restaurant with an informal atmosphere, where people can eat delicious food, drink great wines and enjoy real good service" says Elroy, the owner of Bistro Flores. "A restaurant where people can escape from daily life for a moment. This results in guests telling me they have 'a holiday feeling'. That is a wonderful compliment".

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De Duivelsberg

Berg en Dal

Johannes is the owner of pancake restaurant De Duivelsberg. Johannes preserves the rich history of the restaurant and the nature around the restaurant in different ways. "I'll show you some pictures on our wall", says Johannes enthusiastically. By showing the pictures, Johannes talks about De Duivelsberg; about how the area was originally German territory, about how the Forestry Commission became owner of the area in 1963, about the beginning of the pancake restaurant and how his parents used to run it.

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Lunchroom Sabor


At the age of 21 Anouk Veen opened her first lunchroom in Grave: Sabor. She knew she would be cut out for this profession. She brainstormed on the interior of her lunchroom. She designed and furnished her lunchroom herself completely. It can best be described as 'young and fresh' and catches the eye between all pubs in Grave. Her excellent coffee surprises both tourists as inhabitants of the village.

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Tapasbar Tapamor


"It all started in the shed of our backyard" Entrepreneur Ayhan says. Together with two friends he started 'Club HAC', a kind of forerunner of the modern beer shack. "We were approximately 15 years old and wanted to earn some extra money by selling alcohol and French fries, initially for friends only. Soon, however, we didn’t even know half of our visitors. After two years we had to quit. There were more people in our garden than in the local pub…and we didn’t have a toilet."

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