B&B Outdoor

Create your own Dutch B&B Outdoor design at one of their stores and upgrade your set with Sit & Heat. The coating material is water resistant, fungal proof and colourfast. With a choice of many different models and over forty colors, you can create the ultimate outdoor feeling.

Waterproof inverter

The inverters are IP67 approved and can be screwed on the wall.

Easy plug-in

Because of the plug connection, you can easily disconnect and move your furniture.

Customized cable length

Determine in advance the length of the cable between the B&B Outdoor set and the inverter. No unnecessarily long cables on your terrace.

Adjust warmth individually

People can control warmth individually. They can turn up, turn down or switch off heating.

Automatic heating

Sit & Heat is automatically switched on as soon as a guest sits down. If he or she leaves her/his seat, Sit & Heat will switch off automatically after two minutes.

Try out!

Experience the new heating technology at one of the B&B Outdoor retailers or at their own showroom. For more information, visit te website of B&B Outdoor.