Our vision

The idea

Sit & Heat is a result of the problem of current patio heaters which cost a lot of energy and money. Founder Jorg Rijkschroeff has given this problem a lot of thoughts. How can you heat the users of a terrace, without wasting too much heat? Finally, Jorg discovered an easy solution would be the best one: heated cushions. 

How does it work?

The unique thing about Sit & Heat is the combination of energy saving and more comfort. Energy is no longer lost, as users isolate heat as soon as they sit down on the cushion. It means, you don’t only save energy, but create comfort at the same time. After all, Sit & Heat cushions heat the user’s torso. As organs are located in this part of the body, users experience overall warmth. Each user can adjust heat individually, ensuring his/her seat is never too warm or too cold. 

Target group

Sit & Heat has been designed for anyone who wishes to enjoy outdoor life, for example in your garden, on your balcony. Besides, it has been designed for hospitality entrepreneurs who would like their guests to enjoy their terrace as long and as often as possible. Finally, it has been designed for stadiums, allowing visitors to enjoy fantastic matches on heated chairs all year long. 

Core values


Sit & Heat respects human being and environment


Sit & Heat is always open to new ideas


Sit & Heat shows guts in entrepreneurship

Live up to

Sit & Heat fulfills promises and meets commitments


Sit & Heat inspires others and gets inspired by others