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October 16, 2017

Mellanie Bouwman | 16 October 2017

From 2010, the European Commission will reward cities for their efforts in improving the environment with the European Green Capital Award. The award is presented to the city that has demonstrated active and innovative efforts to achieve a more sustainable and cleaner environment. The aim of the award is to support and motivate European cities to improve the environment. As of January 2018 Nijmegen can call itself the proud winner of the Green Capital Award 2018! Will you help make Nijmegen even greener?

The Green Capital Challenge

Nijmegen has made a lot of sustainable progress in recent years. For example: insulated houses, solar panels installed, fast cycle routes and a reduction in gas and electricity consumption. In the coming year, the Nijmegen government will support and encourage various projects to make the city more environmentally friendly and to act as a role model for other cities.

Do your part!

Together with the hospitality entrepreneurs in Nijmegen and our partners: RabobankHome Energy and Power2Nijmegenwe have started a great challenge! Donate € 25 and help us keep the terraces in Nijmegen. As a heartfelt thank you, you will receive a booklet containing over €200 in discount vouchers to spend at participating catering establishments!



Curious about the coupons? We are happy to inform you. Do you like a snack when you go for a drink? With one of the coupons you get some Dutch delicacies for free! Or do you want a guided tour of a brewery with a discount? Maybe you like to go high tea with your friends, in which case there is a coupon that gets you the second high tea for free! For only €25, you contribute to a more sustainable environment and, of course, benefit from the 21 unique discounts. You can order the small guide full of discounts here.

Thanks to your contribution, Nijmegen will become a little greener. We would like to thank you for helping to make the city more sustainable. Go for Green!

*Participating catering companies: Café BiesselsCafé de Blonde PaterDe BruijnCredibleCafé DaenThe Third ChamberDucommerceFood & DrinkCafé FaberFloresFrescaIn the barracksPinotDe RuyterSt. AnnekeDe StadstuynSteamThe VereenigingFlemish ArsenalWaudThe White

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