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Choose from our range of sustainable fabrics.


Sunbrella is a soft, high-quality textile specially developed for outdoor use. The cushions are water- and dirt-resistant, mildew-free and easy to clean with soapy water. The fabric is colourfast: sunlight and chemicals will not affect it. In short, your cushion is and remains beautiful and luxurious. Sunbrella has more than 300 colours in its collection. Different fabric variants are available at Sit & Heat, such as Sunbrella Solid & Stripes or Sunbrella Wette.


The Agora outdoor fabric collection is soft and durable. Thanks to this fabric, our cushions can take a beating. The colour stays nice and bright, even if the cushions are left in bright sunlight or cleaned with bleach every day. So stains don't stand a chance. Agora Lisos is a fine fabric, Agora Panama is somewhat coarser woven. Both fabrics are water-repellent. For the longest possible life, however, it is important to take the cushions inside when it is pouring rain.