Tips to heat your home sustainably

October 24, 2019

Astrid Hendrikx | 24 October 2019

We are getting ready for our two favourite seasons: autumn and winter. Yet these seasons bring with them things that burden the environment. With these five
Sit & Heat ensures that you keep your home warm in a sustainable way, without making huge investments. On to the warmest and most sustainable autumn ever!

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1. One degree lower

Set the thermostat one degree lower as standard. Go for 19 instead of 20 degrees. Every degree higher ensures an increase of 7% in gas consumption. Dress a little warmer inside. This can save you an extra €80 per year. 

2. Sustainable heating

Sustainable heating is your answer to the future. Sit & Heat's heating cushions warm your torso in a sustainable manner, as no warm air is lost and your body is heated directly. In addition, smart heating provides you with substantial savings. Did you know that these heated cushions can save you 10% in annual energy costs? Moreover, you can choose from many fun colours. Recharging is easy with a powerbank and your cushions will last for hours. With our heating cushions, you can certainly turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

3. Install a door closer

Close all the doors in the house and heat only the rooms where you are. This way you can save about €240 per year. A door closer (also called a door spring or door closer) makes the doors close automatically. You can get these door springs from €5 at the hardware store. 

4. Candles and blankets on the sofa

During the cold seasons, we are naturally in search of cosiness. Light the candles in your home more often and use plaids, rugs and cushions for a cosy nest feeling. Besides contributing to a nice atmosphere, it also makes your home cosy and you will be sitting on the couch nice and warm.  

5 5. Reduce temperature at night and when absent

Turn the thermostat to 15 or 16 degrees about an hour before going to bed. Do this also during the day if you are not at home. A thermostat with a programmable timer can do this automatically. You'll save no less than 5 to 8% of gas a year, which comes to around €200.

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