The first sustainably heated terrace in Den Bosch!

October 4, 2016

Maudy Hendriks | 04 October 2016

Den Bosch 4 October - People nowadays prefer to be outdoors 365 days a year. Enough reason for entrepreneurs to offer a comfortable heated winter terrace. Especially if this can be done in an energy-efficient and sustainable way. So did Nathalie Salameh, owner of Mangerie 't Vervolg in Den Bosch: "With the Sit & Heat heated cushions I offer an extra service, in an innovative way.

Mangerie 't Vervolg

The terrace of Mangerie 't Vervolg is located on the Fonteinplein in Den Bosch. "Around the terrace it is always pleasantly busy with shopping passers-by," says Nathalie. "Sit & Heat in combination with the canopy provides a pleasantly warm and cosy winter terrace. You can enjoy French cuisine inside and out".

Energy-efficient terrace heating

By using Sit & Heat, energy is no longer lost to the outside air. Users insulate the heat when they sit on the cushion. This not only saves energy, but also provides more comfort. Sit & Heat cushions heat the torso of the user. This part of the body contains the organs and therefore users experience an overall feeling of warmth.

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