The first beach pavilion with warm cushions

May 3, 2017

Maudy Hendriks | 03 May 2017

This summer you can enjoy Pier 32 in The Hague until the early hours. While enjoying live music and a good beer from the tap, you can sit comfortably on Sit & Heat's heated cushions. While many people opt for electric or gas heaters, Pier 32 has a more sustainable approach. By isolating the heat, no heat is lost to the strong winds on the beach.

Green Key

Pier 32 is a beach pavilion that has a first with Sit & Heat. The energy-efficient solution for terrace heating uses only 40Watt per seat and fits well with the sustainable image of the beach pavilion. Pier 32 also has the Green Key quality mark and has been nominated for the Gaia Green Awards 2017. Companies with a Green Key quality mark do everything they can to save the environment, without compromising on comfort and quality. 


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