Tapasbar Tapamor

Deventer, The Netherlands

"The shed at the back of the garden... that's where it all started," says catering entrepreneur Ayhan, laughing. Together with two friends, he started 'Club HAC', a kind of predecessor of today's beer bar. "We were about 15 years old and wanted to earn some extra money with some alcohol and a fries pan. At first, it was just for some friends, but soon we didn't even know half the visitors ourselves. After a year or two, we had to stop. It became busier in our garden than in the local pub... and we had no toilet".

Being able to do something for everyone

It did not stop with the shed in the garden. Ayhan now has nine catering outlets. A true entrepreneur who sees a challenge in opening new businesses. "Whether someone is in the mood for tapas, an evening out or getting married, I like it when I, together with my partners and staff, can mean something for everyone. This certainly also applies to his business Tapamor, where since April he has had two benches with the heated Sit & Heat cushions on them.

"You want to give people the idea that they are on holiday"

It's about the total experience

Tapamor is a Spanish tapas restaurant, where cosiness comes first. The Sit & Heat cushions also play a role in this. Ayhan and his manager Avalon both agree: "The best compliment is that people feel that they have been on holiday here. When you hear that, it means that your guests are purely relaxed and have really enjoyed themselves. That is the best thing you can give someone. Every detail can contribute to that".    

Everyone talks about it

"Last summer we were very busy with the terrace of Tapamor. That worked really well. The terrace has been brightened up with fun stuff, including Sit & Heat, which attracts a lot of people," says Avalon. "It is so innovative, our guests keep talking about it. That's not only good for the cushions, but also for us!" says Ayhan. "Especially during the colder days, the Sit & Heat benches are the first places to be occupied.

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