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Sustainable outdoor heating: this is how you do it!

April 19, 2023

Enjoy your garden all year round with cushions from Sit & Heat. With our products, you don't need to go inside to find the warmth, but enjoy the outdoors with our comfortable heated cushions. Our cushions are comfortable and warm, listed below are a few more benefits. 

lounge set with heat cushionsAt Sit & Heat, sustainability is at the forefront and we are always looking for innovative ideas to improve the environment. Our heating pads for outdoors are part of that, with our cushions you save on energy. We ensure that the heat from the cushions goes directly to the person, so no unnecessary energy is wasted. This technology ensures that you heat yourself in the most efficient way. Our heat pillows quickly warm the most important part of your body, the torso, so you feel warm and comfortable quickly. The cushions are designed to turn off automatically when you don't sit on them for 2 minutes, so no energy is wasted.

Door transferring the heat from our cushions directly to the person not only saves energy. Our cushions also do not emit harmful substances and you reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions compared to traditional outdoor heaters. This way of heating often runs on gas and consumes as much energy per year as 110,000 flights from Paris to New York.

Our products are not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. Our cushions operate at between 5 and 40 watts, which is a big decrease compared to traditional heaters that are can operate at 800 watts or more, saving you up to 95% on energy costs.

Control panel heat pads

By choosing Sit & Heat, you not only reduce your energy costs but also do your bit to protect the environment. Thousands of households rely on Sit & Heat to hand in their garden all year round with warmthn. Join us in helping tackle the big climate problem van the warming planet and choose Sit & Heat's heated cushions, the leading solution for reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions by 2023. Check out our outdoor heat products in the shop and experience it for yourself.

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