The Netherlands' Hottest Spot: 'Sit & Heat Plaza’

September 6, 2023

Nestled on the historic Houtstraat in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' stands as a captivating fusion of history, warmth, and exceptional hospitality. This charming plaza has not only undergone a physical transformation over the years but has also become a testament to the power of cost-effective outdoor heating solutions, attracting both local patrons and tourists.

A vibrant hub in historic Nijmegen

As you step onto Houtstraat, the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' welcomes you with open arms. This inviting hub is where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy delectable food, tantalising drinks, and, most importantly, the welcoming warmth that Sit & Heat provides.

Terrace transformations: A neighbourhood renaissance

A leisurely stroll through 'Sit & Heat Plaza' reveals a lively scene, with terraces filled with delighted guests. What these renowned hospitality establishments have achieved through their terrace offerings extends beyond aesthetics. Their investments in outdoor spaces have reinvigorated the plaza, attracting more visitors and breathing new life into the local economy.

A Domino Effect of Warmth

For the visionary owners of Blonde Pater, Nibbles, Holt, and Steven, choosing Sit & Heat was a natural decision. This choice set off a chain reaction, with Blonde Pater leading the way. As word spread about the transformative effects of Sit & Heat, the other establishments quickly followed suit. The real-world results are tangible: increased foot traffic, an enhanced dining experience, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Unique Establishments, Unified Warmth

Each of these establishments possesses its own distinct charm, offering diverse cuisines, beverages, and unique guest experiences. This individuality is reflected even in their choice of cushions, yet they all share one common feature: Sit & Heat. Whether it's winter's chill or the warmth of summer, our cushions remain a constant fixture on Sit & Heat Plaza's terrace seating, ensuring a comfortable experience year-round.

Steven: The newest addition to 'Sit & Heat Plaza,' café bistro bar Steven, wholeheartedly embraces the heat revolution. With Nimma and bespoke lounge cushions Steven is already leaving a lasting impression in the local food scene.

Holt: Combining a variety of factors to create a special dining experience, Holt has made 'Sit & Heat Plaza' its central stage. Look out for their signature heated cushions adorning the chairs on the terrace, including a bespoke range of Nimma cushions.

Blonde Pater: Blonde Pater is a staple of Nijmegen's café scene and has something to offer for every occasion, from breakfast to drinks. Guests can enjoy the tastiest coffee, served by their specialised barista, while relaxing on customised Nimma and lounge cushions. Owner Nicky Maas says of the delightful response from guests: "The response from our guests to our heated cushions has been fantastic."

Nibbles: Known for its varied international cuisine, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' is home to Nibbles. Here, guests can enjoy delicious dishes while sitting on the Lounge and Nimma chair cushions, which provide comfort and cosiness.

Sit & Heat Plaza: a hot attraction

With over 300 heated seats, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' will be a warm attraction during the colder months. The vibrant terrace, filled with happy and warm guests, is proof of the savvy entrepreneurs who have invested in their vision and trust in our products. Unofficially, Sit & Heat Plaza is perhaps the cosiest place on earth - a destination where history, hospitality and warmth come together, offering unforgettable experiences in every season.

A commitment to sustainability

With hospitality owners like these four, committed to reducing their emissions, it's no wonder that Nijmegen became a European Green Capital in 2018. This citywide recognition demonstrates the profound impact we can collectively make to uplift an entire community. By choosing environmentally friendly solutions like Sit & Heat, Nijmegen continues to lead the way in sustainability, showing how small changes can create a significant positive impact.


'Sit & Heat Plaza' in historic Nijmegen embodies a captivating blend of history, hospitality, and warmth. Its remarkable transformation, fueled by cost-effective outdoor heating solutions, serves as a resounding testament to the transformative impact of such innovations on local businesses and communities. Whether it's the summertime allure drawing visitors to bask in the sun and lounge on our comfortable seats or the wintertime refuge from the cold, with patrons enjoying warm beverages at our wonderful establishments, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' remains a year-round hotspot. Explore this vibrant destination where every season breathes life into Houtstraat, the oldest street in the Netherlands, with an inviting blend of warmth and hospitality.

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