Ristorante & Pizzeria La vita è bella

Midlaren, The Netherlands

La Vita é Bella, or Life is Beautiful. It is not only the name of a beautiful restaurant in Midlaren, but also the opinion of the owner Chris. What makes life beautiful for him is very simple:  Being surrounded by close friends and family. Enjoying the simple things in life together with your loved ones, such as good food and casual conviviality. A beautiful life is the smile on your face after the first sip of that fantastic wine. And above all, creating sweet memories together, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Italian in a modern setting

The atmosphere in the restaurant reflects this warm and welcoming environment in every way. The tasteful and modern interior of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff and the inviting terrace all contribute to an optimal guest experience.

Warm and Chic

When Chris heard about the initiative from the province of Drenthe to grant a subsidy to entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry for sustainable patio heating, he did not hesitate for a moment. He had already experienced the heated cushions from Sit & Heat at several locations and found them so enjoyable that he wanted the same for his own guests. In the meantime, 36 chairs have been heated with a heated cushion. The combination of a light and soft colour choice with the gold embroidered logo gives a wonderful result, warm and chic! Perfectly fitting for a beautiful life; La Vita è Bella!

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