Restaurant Moustique

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Restaurant Moustique

Only the very best! That is what Moustique restaurant is all about. Pure seasonal ingredients as a basis, offered by passionate suppliers. Everything to let the guest enjoy a culinary experience of the highest level. 

In May 2021, restaurant Moustique will open its doors in the centre of Haarlem. The restaurant owes its name to the nickname that Haarlem citizens are proud to bear, the Haarlem Mug. The collaboration of Chef Jesse van Leeuwen and Maître Jelmer Molendijk starts when they are colleagues in Restaurant Duin en Kruidberg. In the spring of 2021, they decide to take the plunge and open the restaurant at the Oude Groenmarkt. 

The perfect solution!

Overlooking the beautiful Sint Bavo Church, the terrace is beautifully situated. Not only this view and the delicious food make it fight for a table; also the comfortable heated cushions of Sit & Heat can count on the approval of guests. It is therefore the perfect solution! The location of the restaurant, around the church, makes it difficult to use traditional heating methods. There is always a breeze, so the heat from a heater is blown away and does not reach the place where you would like it to: the guest.

For this reason, when making the plans for the opening of the restaurant, it was soon clear that the heated cushions of Sit & Heat would be a perfect addition to the total customer experience. Due to restaurant Moustique and Sit & Heat's joint collaboration with Heineken, not only was the Moustique logo embroidered on the cushion, but the Heineken logo was also given a place on the cushion.

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