Restaurant Gusto

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Alex Verburg's greatest passions are making good food and enjoying it. Besides being a chef, he is also an entrepreneur. 15 years ago, he opened his first restaurant in Rotterdam. This restaurant was soon nicknamed 'The Italian of Rotterdam', which reflected the high appreciation of guests. The restaurant was always full, so he opened his second restaurant around the corner. The key ingredients: fresh produce and a passionate team. "A large part of my team has been working with us since the opening," Alex says proudly.

Sustainability first

Alex has been following Sit & Heat for several years. He saw it on the news and was immediately excited. Because sustainability is paramount at all his restaurants. "Not only are our ingredients sustainable, Gusto itself also tries to pay close attention to this in every aspect." Examples include the energy-efficient refrigerated workbenches and the heat recovery system. Naturally, Sit & Heat's sustainable system for terrace heating cannot be missing.

"Delicious, where can I buy this?"    

You experience the benefits immediately

"The reactions to Sit & Heat are nice, guests are surprised by the pleasant warmth," says entrepreneur and chef Alex. The cushions are currently too short in use to know how many of the guests come back because of Sit & Heat. For Alex, however, the added value is already clear. Italian restaurant Gusto was the first of the three business with Sit & Heat. "My other business will definitely follow!".    

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