July 29, 2022

PSV's warm home: the Philips Stadium

The football stadium is often the place where passion, joy and emotion come together. For fans, it is the home of their favourite team, where they cheer, sing and cheer on their heroes. But there is one aspect of stadium attendance that is often a challenge for many: the weather. Rain, cold temperatures and strong winds can sometimes make the experience quite uncomfortable. PSV Eindhoven, however, have decided to put a stop to those chills thanks to their partnership with Sit & Heat to introduce heated seats. 

Sit & Heat: a warm innovation

Sit & Heat is at the forefront of the technological hot revolution that is taking seating comfort to the next level. We have integrated sustainable heating technology into 920 existing business seats, meaning fans never have to worry about cold seats again. When guests take their seats, a built-in sensor automatically heats the seats, creating a warm and cosy environment even on the coldest days.

Benefits of the partnership between Sit & Heat and PSV

This partnership between PSV and Sit & Heat provides some great benefits for the Philips Stadium:

  • Comfortable in all seasons: Whether summer or winter, fans can now sit comfortably and enjoy the game without being bothered by the colder temperatures.
  • Extended experience: With heated seats, fans can stay longer in the stadium, take in the pre and post-game reviews and experience every moment of the match without worrying about the cold.
  • Sustainability: Because fans sit on a heated chair, the traditional heater can go out the door, which ensures that energy costs will be a lot lower. Sit & Heat's heat technology consumes a maximum of 40 watts per hour per seat; a heater can use up to 25,000 watts.
  • Technological advances: It shows PSV's willingness to invest in technology and comfort to improve their fans' overall experience.

The future of comfort in stadiums 

This collaboration between PSV and Sit & Heat shows that sports clubs go beyond providing entertainment on the pitch. They strive to improve the whole experience, from the moment fans step into the stadium door until the final whistle.This could be just the beginning of a new era of comfort in sports stadiums around the world. It raises the standard and shows that fan satisfaction and comfort are as important as performance on the pitch. 

So, if you attend a PSV match soon on one of the 920 business seats, know that you will not only witness the football spectacle, but also a new level of comfort and hospitality, thanks to the warm partnership between PSV and Sit & Heat.


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