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Our 6,800 mAh battery is the perfect solution to keep you warm longer. Designed to fit seamlessly into our range of outdoor heated pillows. This slim battery delivers enough power to ensure your pillow stays heated for hours.

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Perfect voor jouw kussen met rug- en zitverwarming.

Product description

Experience the freedom of wireless heating with our 6,800 mAh battery. Designed for long-term use of our heated pillows, this powerful battery lets you enjoy warmth and comfort wherever you want. Easy to charge and change, the perfect solution for those who want to stay warm without being tied down.


We’ve got your back! All of our standard products are backed by our trusty 2-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your warmth and comfort is secure with Sit & Heat.

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Heb je een batterij besteld? Dan zorgen wij ervoor dat-ie zo snel mogelijk bij je thuis geleverd wordt. Je kan de batterij binnen twee werkdagen thuis verwachten. 
Heb je je batterij samen met een maatwerk kussen besteld? Dan krijg je 'm uiteraard geleverd samen met je kussen.


The 6,800 mAh battery is a reliable power source for your devices, with a compact design of 144 x 85 x 28 mm and a weight of 375 grams. Made of lithium-ion and ABS materials, it supports 12V DC and 5V USB voltage for versatile compatibility. With a capacity of 6,800 mAh and 16,000 mAh for 12V and 5V respectively, it offers an effective use of 3 hours and an average use of 4 hours 30 minutes, making it a great option for extended use. Charging time is about 4 hours 30 minutes for fast and efficient charging.


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