Pepper Collection

Lech, Austria

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Austrian Alps, Pepper Collection is an impressive ensemble of chalets that warmly embrace the essence of alpine luxury. Collaborating with Moonich, Sit & Heat embarked on a journey to enhance the outdoor dining terrace at Pepper Collection. We created an inviting space where guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine outdoors, while in the warmth of our Sit & Heat modified chairs. Whether you're seeking a winter holiday with guaranteed snowfall or a summer retreat in the Austrian Alps, Pepper Collection warmly has you covered.

 Photo courtesy of: Pepper Collection

A winter wonderland in Arlberg

Located in the heart of Lech, Pepper Collection epitomises exclusive Alpine getaways. These private chalets are designed for intimate gatherings, offering tranquillity and luxury. Pepper Collection creates an unparalleled chalet holiday experience in Lech am Arlberg, the picturesque mountain village, and exclusive ski resort cherished by both locals and tourists alike. This top location proudly offers ski-in/ski-out in the winter as well as individualised concierge services. Their accommodations include various chalets and apartments, catering to groups ranging from 2 to 30 guests, making it perfect for those seeking the ideal balance between nature and comfort.

An innovative solution in the heart of the Alps

In 2020, Pepper Collection approached our partners at Moonich with an interest in heating their terrace. Although they had considered various options, they couldn't find the right solution. The discovery of Sit & Heat's innovative approach to outdoor heating provided the answer. We then began crafting a product that would fulfil Pepper Collection's unique requirements without replacing their original furniture or affecting the picturesque Alpine landscape. They had a beautiful grand dining table with chic chairs that they wanted to heat. Their appreciation for their existing furnishings and their environment aligned with our sustainable principles, leading to a highly customised modern retro-fit setup.

 Photo courtesy of: Pepper Collection

Meticulous integration of heat

Our approach to this project was characterised by attention to detail. We seamlessly integrated heated cushions for the backrest and base in their existing luxury outdoor seating, providing a sleek design. Each chair was equipped with our innovative heating pads, powered by efficient 6800 mAh batteries. We managed to seamlessly integrate the control panel and battery so that nothing was visible. It was an elegant arrangement that matched the Sit & Heat philosophy of 'press and feel the heat'. In total, the project provided 37 chairs with back and seat heating pads, along with Sit & Heat battery holders and batteries.

From Lech to Nijmegen and back

The journey of this project spanned from picturesque Lech to Nijmegen and back. Once the chairs reached Sit & Heat, we fitted them with our state-of-the-art heating systems, and then sent them back to Pepper Collection, where they have been keeping the guests nice and warm high up in the Alps ever since. The chairs went on a small but memorable journey, one that culminated in a wonderfully warm outcome. For our partners in Germany, it was a unique experience, one that they thoroughly enjoyed. Karin Vink said, “It was a pleasure to coordinate this project.” Her team managed the project while the Sit & Heat team at our production headquarters in Nijmegen handled the engineering.

 Photo courtesy of: Pepper Collection

Summiting the Alps

Pepper Collection's project presented unique challenges, stemming from the Alpine environment with its specific geography and climate. The solution had to be effective, sustainable, durable, easy to use, and of the highest quality. The project demanded teamwork, planning, and innovative thinking, well within our scope as heating experts. Together, we found a solution that not only met but exceeded Pepper Collection's expectations. As winter blankets the region with pristine snow, our chairs warm up their guests. We are excited to continue bringing warmth and comfort to more extreme outdoor spaces, ensuring that every moment spent in the embrace of Alpine luxury is delightful and memorable.


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