De Duivelsberg

Berg en Dal, The Netherlands

Johannes owns pancake house De Duivelsberg. He preserves the rich history of the business and the nature reserve in various ways. "Come, I'll show you," Johannes exclaims enthusiastically. Using a photo wallpaper, he tells about De Duivelsberg; about how the area was originally German territory, about the only area held by the Netherlands after World War II, how the Forestry Commission became the owner in 1963 and about the start of the current pancake restaurant under his parents' leadership.

Relaxation mode

Johannes himself also grew up in the wooded surroundings of De Duivelsberg. In 1988, Johannes became co-owner of the pancake house. After a few years, he felt like a new challenge and started an establishment in the centre of Nijmegen together with his parents. His sister joins the company, but after a few years they split up anyway. Johannes will focus entirely on De Duivelsberg after all. "That's where my roots are. That has to do with the style. I feel that people come here more in the relaxation mode".

"I like to handle our raw materials sustainably"

Renew with the same experience

Since Johannes regained sole focus on pancake house De Duivelsberg, he has always been busy with various expansions. "The conservatory, the kitchen, the new parasols and, for example, the Sit & Heat cushions," Johannes says. "I am often told that nothing has changed here, when in fact all sorts of things have changed! The experience we apparently give guests remains the same. I like that," says Johannes. "In the afternoon, I often go for a half-hour walk with the dogs. That's a moment of reflection, where I take pen and paper with me and on my return have my 'to do' list ready again". 

Nice addition to hospitality

"One of the reasons why I chose Sit & Heat is that I like to be sustainable with the resources we have," says Johannes. Understandable too, given the beautiful wooded area he sits in. "For example, I also work with regional products. Because products from the region are a lot fresher; fewer intermediate links, less waste and less transport." "Sit & Heat is a nice addition to hospitality within the hospitality industry. You engage people to the product, you talk about it and then ask about their experience with it. They like that"!

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