A comfortable square cushion with a heated back and seat. Ideal for your office chair. The battery is hidden in the flap behind the chair: easy to change. Choose your own colour and upholstery! 

Flexible use

Environmentally friendly pillows, that's what we stand for. This comfortable cushion will keep your whole body warm thanks to its heated back and seat. The cushion is easy to take with you and therefore flexible to place. Ideal for employees with flexible workstations or employees who divide their time between home and office.


With the Sit & Heat VIP System you can easily determine your own heat level. Using the control knob, you can easily turn the heat up, down or off.

With a battery

The cushion is connected to a rechargeable battery. It has an effective sitting time of 3 hours. It has been well thought out: the Sit & Heat cushion only heats up when someone sits down on it. As soon as the seat is vacated, the heating switches off automatically after two minutes. Battery empty? Then the battery is easy to charge, change and connect.
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