More comfort in your business gallery thanks to sustainable seat heating

September 26, 2019

Astrid Hendrikx | 26 September 2019

Comfortably enjoying home games in the business tribune? Nowadays, you can sit heated with Sit & Heat stadium seat heating. By adding a few small elements, you can create the ultimate in comfort. Heracles Almelo, VV Noordwijk, Katwijk Quick Boys, VV Venlo and FC Dak have already done so. Moreover, you will save costs. Curious how seat heating works in stadiums? Then read on.

Durable seat heating

Enjoying home games in warm weather is now possible with Sit & Heat's seat heating system. You can place it in the business seats and it will warm up the torso of the spectator. Sit & Heat's sustainable seat heating system saves up to 95% in energy costs compared to conventional heating systems. Are you curious how much you can save on your grandstand? Go to here. the test.

Options for sports stadiums

Sit & Heat can be built into almost any business seat. If, for example, your business seats are not yet ready for replacement, it is possible to install Sit & Heat in your seats. This way you can offer everyone in the stands a warm experience. Our in-house installer will quickly and easily connect the system for you.

Interesting for sponsors

The heated seats in the stands can be very interesting for sponsors. By embroidering a logo on the seats, large sponsors increase their visibility. Moreover, it contributes to a sustainable image.

Photo: Sit & Heat

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