Me & Mrs P

Velp, The Netherlands

At Me & MRs P they describe themselves as follows:

Me & Mrs. P are different as: Bert & Ernie, Ham & Cheese, Beer & Balls, Right & Left, Pepper & Salt, Sun & Moon, Lost & Found, Bubbles & Oysters, Sooner & Later, Heads & Tails...

...but inseparable.

Together they create a place where you can be yourself, feel at home and don't have to do anything. In other words, a place where you can be unforced.

Pippi as an inspiration

That casualness is also reflected in the interior. A cheerful place with many rounded shapes and bright colours that have been lightly flattened. The inspiration for this cheerfulness lies in Pippi Longstocking. Owner Ella is a fan of Pippi Longstocking. Fun fact: the P. in Me & MRS P also stands for Pippi.

The cheerfulness of the interior is continued in the terrace. A beautiful place with lovely seating areas that fully reflect the atmosphere and experience of the interior. Colours and shapes played a major role in the choice of cushions with Sit & Heat. In the back garden, a lovely place has been created where a lounge cushion with plump cushions as back cushions has been chosen to allow you to dream away.

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