Lunchroom Sabor

Grave, The Netherlands

At the age of 21, Anouk Veen opened her own lunchroom in Grave; Sabor. She soon knew that hospitality was 'her thing'. She spent evenings brainstorming the interior of the lunchroom. Now it stands. Completely conceived and decorated by herself. Young and fresh, which certainly makes it stand out among all the brown cafés in Grave. But she also surprises both tourists and residents in the village with her well-made coffee.

You stand out in everything

Sit & Heat's cushions are a great addition to this innovative concept. In Grave, Sabor is the first catering establishment to use this modern version of the old-fashioned terrace heaters. The lunchroom has only been open since March, so they have not yet experienced a winter. Nevertheless, the cushions have already been used many times and she gets a lot of positive feedback. "People now ask on arrival if we want to put them back on" says Anouk. "If you want to stay open a bit longer in the evening, those cushions are really ideal".    

"I was shocked by the consumption of other patio heaters"    

All ready for winter

Because Sabor is small inside, Anouk sees Sit & Heat as an extension of the number of seats. "I will soon create six extra seats with it in winter," Anouk points out. The quick calculator realises that this already gives her a partial return on her investment. Even more important to her, however, was the consumption "I was shocked by the consumption costs of other patio heaters," she explains. "Together with the uniqueness of these cushions, reason enough to choose this."    

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