Keep your garden green with these 4 tips

May 7, 2018

Maureen Gosselink | 07 May 2018

Did you know that 100 hours of patio heating with a heater on the highest setting uses as much electricity as 350 washes? Oops! We thought so too. In addition, lawnmowers, garden lights and pond pumps are big energy guzzlers. Not only does this cost a lot of money, it's also very bad for the environment. Keep your garden green in the long run by saving energy with the following tips:

How do you save energy?

  1. The very first way to save energy in your garden is, of course, to opt for green electricity or solar power.
  2. Energy-saving or LED lamps are the most energy-efficient way of lighting. By installing a motion detector, your garden lighting only comes on when it is needed.
  3. A pond pump is not a requirement for a clean pond! A natural pond in the garden also stays clean without a pond pump. If you do need a pond pump, please note that it does not need to run continuously. Furthermore, it is important to adjust the power to the size of the pond, so that it does not consume unnecessary energy.
  4. The biggest culprit is really the traditional patio heater. Now you can easily do something about it! With a heat cushion, you heat your torso instead of the outside air, thus keeping the whole body at the same temperature. A heat cushion is energy-efficient, click here. for more information.
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