K.v.v. Quick Boys

March 29, 2022

Starting in December, the Businessclub of Kvv. Quick Boys can enjoy the matches comfortably and heated. With the Sit & Heat seat heating in the business seats, an extra dimension has been added. The sponsors of the Katwijk premier league club can now enjoy the home matches in comfort.

Enthusiastic sponsors

More and more, the Quick Boys Businessclub is ''the place to be'' during Saturday home games. The steady growth of new sponsors is a striking example of this. In order to facilitate these sponsors even more, it was decided to purchase heated business seats, among other things. Initially, these sponsors were sceptical, but after the first cold and bleak home match, this changed to appreciation. All 120 seats were sold in record time. Next season, another 40 seats are on the Business Club's wish list.


Many football clubs heat their spectators by means of gas or electric heaters fixed into the roof. With this way of heating a lot of heat is lost to the outside air. With the built-in Sit & Heat systems in the seats, Quick Boys is the first football club in the Netherlands that heats its Business Club members in a sustainable way. This direct way of heating saves energy compared to traditional heaters. In view of all the discussions about climate change, Business Club chairman Bart van Kruistum is very pleased with the savings produced by Sit & Heat.

Eredivisie clubs

More and more football clubs are striving for a sustainable stadium. Various Eredivisie clubs are therefore in contact with Sit & Heat. You can experience Sit & Heat on various terraces in the Netherlands and Belgium. It's comfortable for guests and reduces energy bills for restaurant owners.

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