Innovation, experience and sustainability | Horecava 2017

December 28, 2016

Maudy Hendriks | 28 December 2016

Taste the future! The theme of the Horecava 2017 fits in perfectly with Sit & Heat. Experience, innovation and sustainability are a few important pillars that will receive plenty of attention this year. How do you create special experiences that linger? What opportunities do new technologies offer? And how can you make sustainability profitable? Sit down...Sit & Heat will give you the answer.

A new experience in hospitality

"Many people don't believe it: 'Heated pillows!? Really?', they say. Then when they sit down, they think it's brilliant! I am sure they will share this experience at home". Dirk van de Voort (Tapasbar de Markt in Breda) is enthusiastic. In 2010, Sit & Heat exhibited its first prototype at the Horecava with this innovative and comfortable way of heating terraces. By now, Sit & Heat is installed on various terraces throughout the Netherlands. For the guests there, Sit & Heat has turned out to be a completely new experience.

Sustainability as a lifestyle

Sustainability is no longer a trend. It is a lifestyle or even a condition, as Misset Horeca also confirms. We certainly experience this with Sit & Heat. Of course, partly due to the 'taste the future' theme, we hope to heat even more terraces in an energy-efficient manner in 2017. Sit & Heat only heats when someone sits on the cushion and the energy consumption is only 15 to 40 Watt per seat. A lot more environmentally friendly (and cheaper) than other patio heaters!

Really try it out!

This year, you can experience Sit & Heat in several places. You will find our cushions at the stand of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland and on the barbecue area at the main entrance. Want to know what Sit & Heat can do for you specifically? Then visit our own stand: No. 1.641. We are ready to brainstorm on how you can personalise our heated cushions to match the look of your terrace. 

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