Hotel Okura's restaurant: 'Serre'.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the heart of Amsterdam, amidst the bustling urban setting, lies Hotel Okura - a place of luxury and tranquillity. Famed for its outstanding Japanese hospitality, this iconic hotel boasts spacious rooms, world-class amenities and a trio of Michelin-awarded restaurants. We invite you to experience the culinary excellence of Serre, Hotel Okura's restaurant. Sit & Heat was privileged to collaborate with this extraordinary restaurant and design a heated seating area for guests that enhances their dining experience with environmentally conscious warmth and comfort.

Photo credit: Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Conservatory: A Michelin-starred restaurant

Serre, the famous restaurant at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, invites guests to enjoy relaxed dining and expertly prepared dishes throughout the day. This culinary haven offers a diverse range of international dishes for the gourmet. Guests can enjoy Serre's internationally inspired 3- or 4-course Bibendum menus, a testament to the restaurant's dedication to providing exquisite cuisine at accessible prices.

The atmosphere in the restaurant combines sophistication and comfort, offering a stylish Amsterdam backdrop for any occasion, be it a relaxed breakfast or an intimate dinner. At the head of the restaurant is Arjan Speelman, a man who believes in the beauty of culinary simplicity. Serre's menu caters for all tastes, from beer and bitterballen to caviar and Dom Pérignon, ensuring every guest has a delicious experience.

The Sit & Heat experience

In 2022, Sit & Heat partnered with Hotel Okura to bring environmental awareness and increased guest comfort to the famous Serre canal-side terrace. Representing the elegance of Japanese hospitality, Hotel Okura has long been a symbol of quiet excellence and we were keen to uphold this tradition with our project. Our attention to detail resulted in Sit & Heat's custom-made chair cushions, designed specifically for the seating on Serre's picturesque canal-side terrace. These battery-powered cushions offer guests wonderful comfort that perfectly complements the soothing surroundings. Decorated with an exclusive fabric and colour, featuring the Serre logo, these cushions now an important addition to the delightful ambience of Serre's terrace.

Jeroen Taillie, assistant director of food and beverage, brings a wealth of experience and a legacy of excellence to Hotel Okura. Jeroen's dedication to providing an exceptional experience for guests made partnering with Sit & Heat a logical choice. It is a privilege for Sit & Heat to partner with a respected food and beverage venue like Hotel Okura, where Michelin recognition is a hallmark of quality.

Since our partnership with Hotel Okura, we have been approached by guests and influencers from around the world who have experienced our exceptional products at Serre. They were fascinated by our warm offering and impressed by the way we are able to seamlessly match our products.

Photo credit: Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Greenhouse's sun-drenched terrace: A quiet spot

Serre's sun-drenched terrace is a popular spot for guests, especially during the warmer months. This terrace overlooks the tranquil waters of Amsterdam's famous canals and is easily accessible by boat. In early spring, visitors can enjoy the enchanting surroundings when cherry blossoms bloom in shades of white and pink, adding an extra layer of charm to the area. Serre is an oasis in Amsterdam, where relaxation and enjoyment reign supreme.

The Michelin star and the Bib Gourmand

Serre is not just any restaurant; it is a Michelin-recognised culinary gem in the Amsterdam kitchen scene. The critical Michelin guide recognises Serre's commitment to culinary excellence. Serre holds the Bib Gourmand, a symbol of exceptional value for money. The Bibendum menu, with 3 or 4 courses, includes gourmet dining without the expensive price tag.

The name "Bib" is an abbreviation of Bibendum, the iconic Michelin male, which stands for accessible yet high-quality dining experiences. Serre's Michelin recognition and Bib Gourmand are a testament to their commitment to creating unforgettable and accessible culinary journeys for customers.



Praise from critics

Critics and foodies have showered Serre with accolades:

Michelin Guide: "Like Okura's other restaurants, quality is at the heart of this chic luxury brasserie, which has a beautiful canal-side terrace. Excellent produce supports the internationally-tinged cuisine here. The chef uses preparations from different cooking styles and unites them in dishes that are simply delectable."

Photo credit: Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Taste the Greenhouse experience

Hotel Okura Amsterdam's Serre restaurant is a testament to their culinary talent, offering a delicious blend of international flavours in an inviting and tranquil setting. With its Michelin recognition and Bib Gourmand award, Serre continues to fascinate critics and customers alike, offering an exceptional dining experience that is both accessible and unforgettable. At Sit & Heat, we are proud of our partnership with Hotel Okura, enhancing the comfort and luxury of Serre's guests with our bespoke heated cushions, making every visit to this Michelin-recognised restaurant warm and memorable.

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