Heracles Almelo

March 29, 2022

Almelo February 2016 - Heracles Almelo's renovated stadium has been in use for a few months now. The installation of a second ring on top of the stadium has increased Heracles Almelo's capacity from 8,500 spectators to 12,080. "Sponsors used to pay a lot of money to be able to sit on plastic tubs," says Rob Toussaint, Commercial Director of Heracles Almelo. "We've now gone completely the other way; we're investing in comfort and experience."

We invest in comfort

Heracles Almelo has taken various steps to ensure that supporters can enjoy a match more comfortably. "Supporters can get food and drink more easily without losing sight of the match," says Rob. "The seats have been placed further apart, the skyboxes are very spacious, the business area has become incredibly beautiful and the luxury business seats are heated with Sit & Heat. 

Sustainable heating

"Sit & Heat is not only very comfortable, it is also much more sustainable," says Rob Toussaint. "I don't really believe in heaters. You're heating a lot of air around it, and in the end, if you sit a bit to the left or to the right, you don't feel a thing. The reactions to Sit & Heat are very positive, people love it! If a sponsor chooses Sit & Heat, he or she will also get the company logo on the chair. I expect more and more sponsors to opt for this.

A club with results

The extra investment in comfort has already led to a sharp increase in catering turnover for Heracles Almelo. Visitor numbers have also risen positively. "It's turned out fantastically well, really top-notch,' is something Rob hears regularly. Heracles Almelo's aim at the moment is to maintain these extra turnovers and extra visitors. "Putting Heracles Almelo on the map,' says Rob. "As a premiership club close to home, with a friendly atmosphere. A club where visitors are entertained, where children can play football on the pitch after the match and where supporters can enjoy a game in comfort.

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