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Subsidies for sustainable patio heating: municipalities push for green hospitality industry

June 30, 2023

An increasing number of municipalities in the Netherlands are aware of the importance of sustainability and want to work towards a sustainable future. One of the measures municipalities are taking to contribute to a more sustainable society is the provision of subsidies for catering entrepreneurs who want to make their terraces more sustainable.

A good example is the municipality of Nijmegen, which during the corona pandemic started making subsidies available to make terraces more sustainable. The aim of these subsidies was to encourage hospitality entrepreneurs to purchase energy-efficient and sustainable terrace heating to replace outdoor heating in the form of heaters (gas-fired and electric) on large terraces. After great success, this was taken up by several municipalities in the area.

Other municipalities such as Breda, Waalwijk, Haarlem and Eindhoven followed Nijmegen's example and started making subsidies available. Eindhoven municipality was aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions and make the city more sustainable. An important part of this is reducing emissions from traditional heaters on terraces of hospitality entrepreneurs. Initially, however, the municipality was not fully aware of the seriousness of the problem. Sit & Heat therefore conducted research into the amount of pollution caused by traditional heaters in the city. The results of this study were shocking and showed how harmful traditional heaters are to the environment. The municipality of Eindhoven recognised the importance of doing something about this and therefore decided to partner with Sit & Heat to promote sustainable patio heating.

Subsidies offer many advantages for hospitality operators. After all, buying sustainable patio heating can be a considerable investment. Thanks to subsidies, however, this investment becomes a lot more attractive and entrepreneurs can switch to sustainable solutions more easily. Moreover, sustainable patio heating is much more energy-efficient than traditional heaters, leading to lower energy costs for the entrepreneur. In addition, replacing traditional heaters with sustainable patio heaters is better for the environment, which fits within the sustainability strategy of more and more municipalities and entrepreneurs.

Together with municipalities such as Nijmegen, Breda, Waalwijk, Haarlem and Eindhoven, we want to encourage catering entrepreneurs to invest in sustainable terrace heating. Making subsidies available makes it more attractive for entrepreneurs to switch to sustainable alternatives such as our Sit & Heat heat pads. We are proud that, with our heat pads can help reduce CO2 emissions and encourage sustainable hospitality operations in the Netherlands.

Are you curious whether there are subsidy opportunities in your municipality? Or would you like to talk to us about the possibility of a subsidy in your municipality? Then please here. contact us.

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