Veenendaal, The Netherlands

In 1982, Prisca and Remco Vaartstra's parents started one of the first Delifrances in the Netherlands. They were right in the centre of Utrecht among the shops. There, brother and sister watched their parents give their own interpretation to the now widespread franchise formula. From 1998, Prisca and Remco took the reins themselves. As a franchise business, they naturally had to deal with various regulations, but they were also given a lot of room for their own input. Thus, Prisca and Remco now have soups on the menu that their mother (now 77 years old) still makes herself!

Working together for hospitality

"It was all going very well... But as an entrepreneur, you always want to be challenged," Prisca says. "That's why we started a second Delifrance in Veenendaal in 2005". After a few years, they opted for one business again after all. "We can't do without each other," says Prisca. "We complement each other too well for that". They saw the most future in Delifrance Veenendaal and continued there together. With success! In 2012, the business was ranked 3rd most hospitable Delifrance in the Netherlands. "Until now, we have also been in the top 10 every year," says Prisca. "We do consider that a very big compliment". 

"People just order a second cup of coffee"

Offering extra comfort

Prisca and Remco reflect that hospitality in as many things as possible. Sit & Heat makes a modest contribution with heated cushions on the outdoor terrace. "Sit & Heat is still quite unique, I like that," says Prisca. In Veenendaal, Prisca and Remco are the first with Sit & Heat cushions on the terrace. "This year we are 10 years old, so we have something to celebrate and like to offer our guests extra comfort. The feedback from our guests is very positive. People are so comfortable, they just order a second cup of coffee and of course that's what we do it for!"

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