de Maaskantine

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Do you love BBQ, cocktails, and a relaxing atmosphere by the river? Then you will love de Maaskantine, a unique place in Rotterdam where you can enjoy all these things and more. Whether you want to chill out on their natural beach, join their fun events, or host your own party, de Maaskantine has something for everyone.

Good Times for All

De Maaskantine is a unique hospitality experience where you can feel that holiday-buzz without leaving the city. They have a varied menu of satisfying BBQ foods, with a twist of course, inspired by the famous American East Coast. You can also sip on some beachy cocktails that will surely make you feel like you are on vacation. We recommend the Maaskantine Punch, if you’re game! But, you can also enjoy their refreshing lemonades and smoothies as you relax on their beautiful river-side terrace.

De Maaskantine: where city life meets paradise.

Looking for a fun time? de Maaskantine has you covered. They have a huge outdoor patio with chairs galore and picnic benches along the water, and a spacious indoor area that can accommodate up to 200 people. They also have a varied program of film screenings on the beach, fun competitions, different themed pub quizzes, and majestic parties till sundown.

Photo courtesy of: de Maaskantine - Rotterdam

A Big Splash of Colour and Comfort

What makes de Maaskantine even more fun, warm, and inviting is their colourful heated outdoor seating from us at Sit & Heat. The team at de Maaskantine wanted an energy-efficient and eco-friendly outdoor heating option that was easy to set-up. They also didn’t want to obscure their vibrant decor and incredible views of the Rotterdam city-scape, which we totally understood.

So we collaborated with de Maaskantine to create outdoor heated seating that is super funky and comfortable. For this, we used Nimma chair cushions creating a flexible, cordless, and cosy environment for their customers. The warmth from our chairs is especially nice during colder days or nights, when guests can still enjoy the entire outdoor patio without feeling the Maas river chill. The owners chose various bright colours in Agora Liso which is known for its durability and UV resistance, super ideal when you’re on the bustling Maas River in Rotterdam.



Photo courtesy of: de Maaskantine - Rotterdam

Keep the Style but Make It Hot

De Maaskantine were looking for a colourful addition to their fun interior, so Roel de Vries, our experienced hospitality expert, worked with the Maakantine team to deliver exactly the look they were looking for. The end product is a colourful terrace and riverside that is a delight to see and experience. Our heated cushions are a great success during their special outdoor events and movie nights.

Always On at De Maaskantine

At de Maaskantine, you can enjoy delicious BBQ dishes inspired by the American coast, and sip refreshing lemonades and cocktails. Rotterdam's best views are included in the experience, all while enjoying the warmth and comfort of our Sit & Heat cushions. So next time you're in Rotterdam, head to the Maaskantine and experience urban relaxation at its best, especially when sitting on Sit & Heat's heated cushions.

Photo courtesy of: de Maaskantine - Rotterdam 

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