DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda

March 29, 2022

DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda is a Slovakian football club from the town of Dunajská Streda.

The club was founded in 1904 and promoted to the second division in 1980. Five years later DAC promoted to the highest league in Czechoslovakia for the first time and finished 11th. The next season the club reached the 4th place and won the Slovakian Cup and later the Czechoslovakian Cup, which allowed them to play in Europe. In 1988 DAC reached 3rd place and eliminated Swedish Östers Växjö in the UEFA Cup, but in the second round Bayern Munich was too strong. After a 6th and a 14th place finish in 1991 DAC again reached the 4th place. Also in the very last Czechoslovakian season in 1992/93 the club finished 4th.

After Slovakia's independence, the club co-founded the premier league but did not achieve the same results as before and eventually relegated in 1998. After one season the club returned and finished 14th (out of 16) but because the league went from 16 to 10 clubs DAC relegated again and played until 2008 in the second division. Since 2009 it has played in the Corgon League again, but in 2012 it was relegated again to the 1. slovenská futbalová liga. The MOL Aréna which has a capacity of 12,700 spectators, is the home ground for DAC. 

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