From climate plans to climate action: Sit & Heat's path to NetZero cities

In a world where climate change is a constant threat, district heating is emerging as a crucial focus for climate action. However, cities are struggling with significant obstacles in their efforts to be climate neutral cities by 2030. At Sit & Heat, we work closely with governments, cities and municipalities to bridge the gap between climate plans and actual climate action, especially in the field of sustainable heating. We are convinced that this transition is not only an opportunity to combat climate change, but also to improve the quality of life of our citizens and the health of our planet.

Redefining sustainable heating

In the face of climate change and ever higher but certainly lower temperature spikes, a pressing question arises: How can we combat the cold effectively and sustainably without exacerbating the problem we want to address? This challenge has us completely in its grip and is the reason for our journey been to come up with heating solutions that are part of the solution, not the problem. This is where we are firmly aligned with governments and cities on our path to NetZero.

Introducing: NetZeroCities

Sit & Heat is immensely proud to support Europe's ambition to become climate neutral. We are actively involved in the NetZeroCities project, which is in line with the EU's mission to achieve 100 climate-neutral European cities by 2030. NetZeroCities helps cities tackle specific problems on their way to climate neutrality by 2030 by offering tailored expertise and services.


Paving the way for a greener future

Alongside our ongoing product innovation, our journey begins with strong partnerships with governments, cities and municipalities. In these partnerships, we work closely together, to transform the transition from emission-intensive heating systems to our sustainable heat solutions. Through these important partnerships, we seek to provide accessible and sustainable heating solutions offer, not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. Our mission is fitting well into the picture of creating 'Net zero cities' across Europe, uniting to meet emission reduction targets and create smart cities for the future.

The power of cities

Cities have a significant influence not only in meeting climate targets set by international frameworks such as the COP21 Paris Agreement, but also in ensuring that our reduction efforts are equitable and contribute to the well-being of European citizens. Although cities occupy only 4% of the EU's land area, they house 75% of EU citizens, consume more than 65% of the world's energy and are responsible for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions, according to The Net Zero Cities Project.

Cities show the way

Cities occupy a unique position as forerunners of climate action and innovation on a global scale. While change can be daunting, Sit & Heat sees this transition as an opportunity to bring about positive change. We strongly believe in the ability of cities to explore new ways of living and working while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, starting with one of the most energy-intensive and carbon-producing activities: heating. We continue to work with cities to ensure that measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are equitable and enhance the well-being of European citizens.

Economic and environmental benefits

Cities reap multifaceted benefits from Sit & Heat's innovative solutions. In addition to environmental benefits, our heating innovations contribute to the economic health of urban areas. Across Europe, what were once barren winter terraces have blossomed into lively and cosy hotspots, attracting more and more customers during the colder months for a drink or a bite to eat. This increase in visitors leads to higher revenues for both businesses and governments, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. More hospitality translates into more tourism and a host of benefits for cities and regions.

United Progress

Addressing emissions reductions often reveals a gap between businesses and governments, where plans are difficult to implement and change proceeds at a slow pace. Our work provides expertise to cities, governments and businesses to enable the implementation of their stated goals. Sit & Heat tailors programmes and packages to easily fit cities' plans and budgets and work in accordance with established regulations and guidelines. Contacting us is easy and cities have done so with ease.

United Progress

Our cooperation with governments has made progress, from our participation in the European Green Capital initiative in Nijmegen to our collaboration in The Hague. We currently have several projects underway with local governments and municipalities in Eindhoven, Leiden, Utrecht, Zandvoort, Breda, Haarlem, Apeldoorn and beyond. By revolutionising the way we heat our terraces in cities, we are having a significant impact on emissions. This marks a step forward in Sit & Heat's mission to make heating more sustainable.

The Green Hospitality Challenge

In the Green Hospitality Challenge, we are joining forces with the city's hospitality industry to make over 20 terraces more sustainable. Our introduction of innovative heating pads, designed to minimise heat loss to the outside air, promises remarkable energy savings of up to 95%. This is an important step towards achieving net-zero cities. The Green Hospitality Challenge in Arnhem led to increased awareness among hospitality operators and customers about the significant energy consumption associated with gas or electricity heating. This has resulted in impressive savings of 224,400 kWh and 66,659 kg of CO2.

Europe's green capital: The role of Sit & Heat in Nijmegen's success

Sit & Heat is proud to have supported Nijmegen in achieving the title of ''European Green Capital'' in 2018. By spreading our innovative heating products throughout the city, we have actively contributed to increasing environmental awareness in the city. Sit & Heat continues to work closely with cities and municipalities on sustainable solutions. Such projects fit seamlessly with the broader mission to achieve climate neutrality and create climate-neutral cities by 2030.

Expressions of support and impact

Our steadfast commitment to tackling climate challenges through personalised heating, as opposed to ambient air heating, has earned recognition. In particular, we have received the support of the King of the Netherlands, who was deeply impressed by our approach to this pressing problem. By collaborating with numerous municipalities, local citizens have gained access to our products through subsidies. This collaborative process often includes upgrading outdoor heating systems, replacing emitting gas stoves and expensive electric heaters with our heated seats. This optimisation not only improves heating but also the look, benefiting both businesses and the local community.

EU policy in action

Europe has taken a clear stance on climate action and ambitious climate targets. Initiatives such as the Horizon Europe research and innovation programmes, the European Green Deal and the EU mission "100 climate-neutral cities by 2030" are pushing Europe towards a sustainable future.


Sit & Heat is committed to turning climate plans into action, especially in the field of sustainable heating. This journey offers an opportunity to combat climate change and improve lives. Through innovative heating solutions and partnerships with governments and cities, we are redefining heating and paving the way to a greener future. Cities, although small in land area, have enormous potential as beacons of change. Our journey from climate plans to climate action shows the collective progress in our mission to create a better, sustainable future.

The Netherlands' Hottest Spot: 'Sit & Heat Plaza’

Nestled on the historic Houtstraat in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' stands as a captivating fusion of history, warmth, and exceptional hospitality. This charming plaza has not only undergone a physical transformation over the years but has also become a testament to the power of cost-effective outdoor heating solutions, attracting both local patrons and tourists.

A vibrant hub in historic Nijmegen

As you step onto Houtstraat, the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' welcomes you with open arms. This inviting hub is where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy delectable food, tantalising drinks, and, most importantly, the welcoming warmth that Sit & Heat provides.

Terrace transformations: A neighbourhood renaissance

A leisurely stroll through 'Sit & Heat Plaza' reveals a lively scene, with terraces filled with delighted guests. What these renowned hospitality establishments have achieved through their terrace offerings extends beyond aesthetics. Their investments in outdoor spaces have reinvigorated the plaza, attracting more visitors and breathing new life into the local economy.

A Domino Effect of Warmth

For the visionary owners of Blonde Pater, Nibbles, Holt, and Steven, choosing Sit & Heat was a natural decision. This choice set off a chain reaction, with Blonde Pater leading the way. As word spread about the transformative effects of Sit & Heat, the other establishments quickly followed suit. The real-world results are tangible: increased foot traffic, an enhanced dining experience, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Unique Establishments, Unified Warmth

Each of these establishments possesses its own distinct charm, offering diverse cuisines, beverages, and unique guest experiences. This individuality is reflected even in their choice of cushions, yet they all share one common feature: Sit & Heat. Whether it's winter's chill or the warmth of summer, our cushions remain a constant fixture on Sit & Heat Plaza's terrace seating, ensuring a comfortable experience year-round.

Steven: The newest addition to 'Sit & Heat Plaza,' café bistro bar Steven, wholeheartedly embraces the heat revolution. With Nimma and bespoke lounge cushions Steven is already leaving a lasting impression in the local food scene.

Holt: Combining a variety of factors to create a special dining experience, Holt has made 'Sit & Heat Plaza' its central stage. Look out for their signature heated cushions adorning the chairs on the terrace, including a bespoke range of Nimma cushions.

Blonde Pater: Blonde Pater is a staple of Nijmegen's café scene and has something to offer for every occasion, from breakfast to drinks. Guests can enjoy the tastiest coffee, served by their specialised barista, while relaxing on customised Nimma and lounge cushions. Owner Nicky Maas says of the delightful response from guests: "The response from our guests to our heated cushions has been fantastic."

Nibbles: Known for its varied international cuisine, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' is home to Nibbles. Here, guests can enjoy delicious dishes while sitting on the Lounge and Nimma chair cushions, which provide comfort and cosiness.

Sit & Heat Plaza: a hot attraction

With over 300 heated seats, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' will be a warm attraction during the colder months. The vibrant terrace, filled with happy and warm guests, is proof of the savvy entrepreneurs who have invested in their vision and trust in our products. Unofficially, Sit & Heat Plaza is perhaps the cosiest place on earth - a destination where history, hospitality and warmth come together, offering unforgettable experiences in every season.

A commitment to sustainability

With hospitality owners like these four, committed to reducing their emissions, it's no wonder that Nijmegen became a European Green Capital in 2018. This citywide recognition demonstrates the profound impact we can collectively make to uplift an entire community. By choosing environmentally friendly solutions like Sit & Heat, Nijmegen continues to lead the way in sustainability, showing how small changes can create a significant positive impact.


'Sit & Heat Plaza' in historic Nijmegen embodies a captivating blend of history, hospitality, and warmth. Its remarkable transformation, fueled by cost-effective outdoor heating solutions, serves as a resounding testament to the transformative impact of such innovations on local businesses and communities. Whether it's the summertime allure drawing visitors to bask in the sun and lounge on our comfortable seats or the wintertime refuge from the cold, with patrons enjoying warm beverages at our wonderful establishments, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' remains a year-round hotspot. Explore this vibrant destination where every season breathes life into Houtstraat, the oldest street in the Netherlands, with an inviting blend of warmth and hospitality.

Subsidies for sustainable patio heating: municipalities push for green hospitality industry

An increasing number of municipalities in the Netherlands are aware of the importance of sustainability and want to work towards a sustainable future. One of the measures municipalities are taking to contribute to a more sustainable society is the provision of subsidies for catering entrepreneurs who want to make their terraces more sustainable.

A good example is the municipality of Nijmegen, which during the corona pandemic started making subsidies available to make terraces more sustainable. The aim of these subsidies was to encourage hospitality entrepreneurs to purchase energy-efficient and sustainable terrace heating to replace outdoor heating in the form of heaters (gas-fired and electric) on large terraces. After great success, this was taken up by several municipalities in the area.

Other municipalities such as Breda, Waalwijk, Haarlem and Eindhoven followed Nijmegen's example and started making subsidies available. Eindhoven municipality was aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions and make the city more sustainable. An important part of this is reducing emissions from traditional heaters on terraces of hospitality entrepreneurs. Initially, however, the municipality was not fully aware of the seriousness of the problem. Sit & Heat therefore conducted research into the amount of pollution caused by traditional heaters in the city. The results of this study were shocking and showed how harmful traditional heaters are to the environment. The municipality of Eindhoven recognised the importance of doing something about this and therefore decided to partner with Sit & Heat to promote sustainable patio heating.

Subsidies offer many advantages for hospitality operators. After all, buying sustainable patio heating can be a considerable investment. Thanks to subsidies, however, this investment becomes a lot more attractive and entrepreneurs can switch to sustainable solutions more easily. Moreover, sustainable patio heating is much more energy-efficient than traditional heaters, leading to lower energy costs for the entrepreneur. In addition, replacing traditional heaters with sustainable patio heaters is better for the environment, which fits within the sustainability strategy of more and more municipalities and entrepreneurs.

Together with municipalities such as Nijmegen, Breda, Waalwijk, Haarlem and Eindhoven, we want to encourage catering entrepreneurs to invest in sustainable terrace heating. Making subsidies available makes it more attractive for entrepreneurs to switch to sustainable alternatives such as our Sit & Heat heat pads. We are proud that, with our heat pads can help reduce CO2 emissions and encourage sustainable hospitality operations in the Netherlands.

Are you curious whether there are subsidy opportunities in your municipality? Or would you like to talk to us about the possibility of a subsidy in your municipality? Then please here. contact us.

Create your own cushion on our new site

We bid you a warm welcome to our revamped website! Just in time for the autumn weather we are launching a new design tool. From now on, all Sit & Heat chair and sofa cushions can be set easily put together yourself. You can see the result immediately in 3D. Choose your desired model, upholstery, colour and size and admire your cushion from all sides. Handy: from the shopping basket you can kisses order directly, but you can also request a quote first.

Unleash your creativity

At the design tool you can choose from different outer fabrics, such as the fine fabric Agora Lisos or the coarser woven Agora Panama. With more than 100 colours to choose from, there is always a colour that matches your house style. With a logo on the front or back, you can give the cushion the finishing touch. For sofa cushions, you always choose the length, width and thickness of the cushion, and even the placement of the power cord. Sit & Heat also makes the perfect heating cushion for chairs or sofas with curves: our designer will make a custom-made mould for this.

Calculate your savings

Retrieved from the Sit & Heat website you can easily calculate how much energy costs and CO2 you can save by switching to heaters. Enter the current number of heaters and the number of seats on the terrace, and you will immediately see the difference in annual costs and consumption. With our sustainable cushions, it is not only on the terrace that you can save money. On our new site, you can also find heat cushions for football stadiums, for the office or just at home in front of the tube.

This is how Sit & Heat warms the buttocks of a world star

Have you ever sat on a Sit & Heat heat cushion? Then you are in luck, because your buttocks have something in common with a very famous pair of buttocks. To be precise, the buttocks of a man who has already been named best footballer of the year seven times: Lionel Messi.

At Sit & Heat, we are best known for our heated restaurant cushions, but we can also build seat heating into any chair you can think of. Even in Messi's chair at the side of the football pitch! We had the honour of delivering luxury chairs with built-in heating for the dugouts of his football club Paris Saint-Germain. From now on, the trainers and reserve players of this French top club have a nice warm seat in their own stadium.

That is of course... "Super cool!", says commercial director Jeroen Diks. "During one of the home games we saw Manchester City coach Joseph Guardiola sitting on our chair on TV. At another match Messi started from the bench and you saw him sitting on our chair. It feels special that such big names from the world of football are sitting on our product. This is a boyhood dream come true!

A hot match

The seat heating appears to be an open goal, because supporters can also get cold during the match. That is why we started a cooperation with the seat manufacturer VDL Seating Systems from Brabant. They incorporate our heating technology in folding chairs of stadiums throughout Europe. For example, the business members of Feyenoord, Heerenveen, PEC Zwolle, Heracles, FC Volendam and NEC are already warmed up. "PSV is also coming: we will heat a thousand seats of the business tribune," says Jeroen. "It remains special for a Nijmegen entrepreneur to come across your product while watching a Champions League match. We also received the first two offers from English clubs! 

Sustainable stadium heating

Sit & Heat's built-in seat heating is also energy-efficient. "The maximum power consumption is 40 Watts per chair. In the case of a heater, the consumption is up to 25,000 Watts. In a time when we want to get rid of the gas and are more and more concerned with sustainability, this is an alternative," says Jeroen. No CO2 emissions, no heat that is lost to the outside air, no sky-high energy bills for stadiums and no frozen legs for players and fans. With this warm win-win situation, Messi will hopefully win many more matches. 

Based on the article by Mitchel Suijkerbuijk, which appeared on on 13-02-22.

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Khaby Lame meets Messi with the Sit & Heat heated seats in the background.

The 10 benefits of Sit & Heat

Are you familiar with Sit & Heat, but do you still hesitate to buy your own heat cushion? Sit & Heat is a unique and sustainable product. By buying Sit & Heat, you will be doing your bit for the environment. With these 10 advantages of Sit & Heat you will soon be convinced and start the new year with warm arms!

1. Environmentally friendly & sustainable

Our heat pads are environmentally friendly. The heat pads switch themselves off, so you don't waste any energy. Moreover, heat is not lost to the outside air because you insulate it as soon as you sit down on the cushion.

2. Wireless

Our wireless heating pads allow you to sit anywhere with Sit & Heat. Outside on long summer evenings, inside on the sofa in winter, or at the office. Plus, you can also turn the heating down a notch, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

3. Determine the heat yourself

The heating element of the Sit & Heat heat pads is individually adjustable. Using the control knob, you can easily turn the temperature up, down or off.

4. Rechargeable

The rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy your heat cushion for over 4 hours.

5. Overall feeling of warmth

The built-in heater gives you a comfortable and warm feeling. Sit & Heat heats your torso directly; this part of the body contains the organs and therefore you experience an overall feeling of warmth.

6. Different colours

Our customised cushions are available in various colours so that they always match the interior of your home or office. Moreover, the outer covers are removable so that you can wash them in the washing machine up to 40 degrees.

7. Comfortable

The cushions are soft and allow you to adjust the heat to your liking. So you are always warm and comfortable.

8. Easy charging

Our heat pads are easy to charge with a powerbank. Charge the powerbank at the wall socket and connect the usb cable from the heat cushion to the powerbank. In this way you provide your pillow with energy.

9. Cost-saving

Sit & Heat uses only 40 Watts, so you save 95% on energy costs.

10. Unique design

Sit & Heat heat pillows are made with high-quality fabrics and are available in all colours and sizes. Our customised cushions are for everyone.

Want to know more about Sit & Heat's heat cushions and customised cushions? Then contact our heat coach Jeroen on 06-24563345 or check our webshop here.

Café Top 100 2019 announced: Nijmegen is a top supplier of good cafés

Astrid Hendrikx | 20 November 2019

Every year, Misset Horeca publishes a list of the best cafés in the Netherlands with the Café Top 100. Last Monday, the Café Top 100 was announced and what turns out to be the case? This year Nijmegen delivers no less than seven cafés of the ranking. Read in this blog which cafés in Nijmegen are part of the Café Top 100 and why the jury is so enthusiastic. Did you know that half of the cafés in the Café Top 100 have Sit & Heat on their terrace?

The best cafés in Nijmegen

The rankings are compiled by a professional jury that makes unannounced visits and assesses cafés. It is striking that three cafés in Nijmegen are equipped with sustainable terrace heating. Café Faber, St. Anneke and Café De Opera have Sit & Heat heating pads on their terraces. Incidentally, these terraces are known as cosy winter terraces among the Nijmegen public. Read more about their assessment and the other nominated cafés of Nijmegen below.

Café Faber

To begin with, Café Faber graced the 25th place in the ranking. Last year, Café Faber was also in the rankings and this year the jury was once again in favour of the café: "We fell in love with this beautiful place. The kind of thing you hope for as a judge when you get to visit a café." The jury praised the beautiful interior, wide selection of beers, good staff and nice atmosphere. "An employee greeted us before we even walked onto the terrace. As if he knew we were going in there." The jury also gives compliments for the menu, nicely done in the form of a newspaper (Fabertjeskrant). Moreover, Sit & Heat is well represented on their terrace.

Café St. Anneke

On the 51st place is St. Anneke, located in the St. Annastraat in Nijmegen. According to the expert jury: "On many days, all those passing by see that the terrace at the front and side of the café is pleasantly crowded. The terrace has the attraction of a magnet." During the cold days, you can still sit outside at St Anneke's, nice and warm with the sustainable heat pillows from Sit & Heat. Moreover, there is a nice selection of wines and beers.

Café De Opera

On 75th place is Café De Opera in the Koningstraat in Nijmegen. "The Opera Nijmegen is a fine example of a (dark) brown café, and then one impressive battery of some 20 taps and almost 100 beers in bottles." In addition, the jury was impressed by the staff's knowledge of what is on the menu. According to the professional jury, beer is served correctly: at the right temperature, with clean glassware and with the logo and felt turned towards the guest. Besides beer, a lot of attention is paid to music: "Our bar staff compile their own fine music lists as a background for a good afternoon or evening of relaxation. On Fridays and Saturdays we regularly invite musicians and DJs."

Beer & Bites

Beer & Bites manages to secure the fourth spot in the Café Top 100, to be found in the Priemstraat in Nijmegen. According to a member of the jury: "One of the best pub visits in recent years! Beer & Bites has a wide range of beers and specialises in beer-food combinations. The combinations of certain beers with snacks are excellent according to the judges.

Café Piet Huisman

In 54th place is Café Piet Huisman in the St. Jacobslaan in Nijmegen. The pub looks like a billiard bar from the eighties on the inside. But this gives the place unique charm according to the jury. Moreover, the staff greets everybody personally, and the jury even speaks of one of the best cafes of the Netherlands.

Tasting Room Beij Ons

On place 60 of the Café Top 100 is Proeflokaal Beij Ons, to be found on the Daalsedwarsweg in Nijmegen. According to the jury, besides the large collection of special beers, you can also eat very well: "Proeflokaal Beij Ons is a special beer café with a surprisingly nice beer menu, with many Dutch special beers. The food is particularly good. The dishes are fresh, home-made and varied. The quality does not leave anything to be desired." 

Arsenal 1824

In 78th place this year is Arsenaal 1824, located at the Arsenaalpoort in Nijmegen. The jury speaks of a textbook example of a grand café today. "Nice sleek look, modern, cosy,according to the jury. There is a complete range to be found from spirits to wine, and from soft drinks to beer.

Misset Horeca Cafe Top 100

The annual Café Top 100 elections are organised by the catering trade magazine Misset Horeca. A café that wants to participate in these elections has to register itself and pay for its participation.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the football industry

Astrid Hendrikx | 16 November 2019

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within the football sector. More and more football clubs are working on sustainability and discover that energy-saving measures can lead to significant savings. Moreover, the KNVB advocates a more sustainable football sport and wants to help amateur football clubs to become greener. Are you curious about the measures you can take as a football club? In this blog Sit & Heat gives you a few smart measures that you can do for your club to become more sustainable.

Investing in renewable energy

Investing in sustainable alternatives offers opportunities to strengthen the financial position of football clubs. Football clubs have to deal with rising costs and falling sponsor and canteen expenses, which is detrimental to their budgets. Football clubs can invest in more sustainable measures, which in the long run can lead to lower costs, especially lower energy costs. For football clubs, energy is one of the biggest cost items. The KNVB, together with the tennis (KNLTB) and hockey (KNHB) associations, is therefore initiating 'The Green Club'. The KNVB wants to take responsibility and work towards a CO2-neutral sports world. If you don't do it for the climate, do it for the money', according to the KNVB.

The Green Club

Every football club can sign up for The Green Club. A pilot project with 30 clubs shows that the average sports club can save €7000 per year. The ambition of De Groene Club is to guide 500 clubs per season to a sustainable accommodation. With a five-step plan, the Green Club helps clubs to implement cost-saving measures within one year that can save up to thousands of euros per year. The guidance programme is financed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Sustainable stadium heating

Stadium heating is a high cost item that causes the energy bill to rise significantly for football clubs. Heaters or stoves are often used, with most of the heat disappearing into the outside air. Energy-efficient stadium heating, on the other hand, ensures that the heat is not lost and also provides 95% in energy savings. For example, stadium heating in the form of heated seats, built-in heating in business seats or built into plastic bucket seats. Did you know that Heracles Almelo, VV Noordwijk, Katwijk Quick Boys, VV Venlo and FC Dak are already loyal fans of Sit & Heat's sustainable seat heating system? Besides being good for the environment, it saves costs and, as a football club, it is also good for your sustainable image.   

Small sustainable measures

Even small measures can go a long way towards making a sports club more sustainable. For example, a movement sensor can be placed on interior lighting, in this way lamps in changing rooms can be switched off automatically. Also door closers that close doors and bar cooling can be switched off during the week with a simple time switch. The above sustainable measures can be implemented in every sports branch and sports accommodation. In addition, the heated seats of Sit & Heat are suitable for every stadium.

Tips to heat your home sustainably

Astrid Hendrikx | 24 October 2019

We are getting ready for our two favourite seasons: autumn and winter. Yet these seasons bring with them things that burden the environment. With these five
Sit & Heat ensures that you keep your home warm in a sustainable way, without making huge investments. On to the warmest and most sustainable autumn ever!

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1. One degree lower

Set the thermostat one degree lower as standard. Go for 19 instead of 20 degrees. Every degree higher ensures an increase of 7% in gas consumption. Dress a little warmer inside. This can save you an extra €80 per year. 

2. Sustainable heating

Sustainable heating is your answer to the future. Sit & Heat's heating cushions warm your torso in a sustainable manner, as no warm air is lost and your body is heated directly. In addition, smart heating provides you with substantial savings. Did you know that these heated cushions can save you 10% in annual energy costs? Moreover, you can choose from many fun colours. Recharging is easy with a powerbank and your cushions will last for hours. With our heating cushions, you can certainly turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

3. Install a door closer

Close all the doors in the house and heat only the rooms where you are. This way you can save about €240 per year. A door closer (also called a door spring or door closer) makes the doors close automatically. You can get these door springs from €5 at the hardware store. 

4. Candles and blankets on the sofa

During the cold seasons, we are naturally in search of cosiness. Light the candles in your home more often and use plaids, rugs and cushions for a cosy nest feeling. Besides contributing to a nice atmosphere, it also makes your home cosy and you will be sitting on the couch nice and warm.  

5 5. Reduce temperature at night and when absent

Turn the thermostat to 15 or 16 degrees about an hour before going to bed. Do this also during the day if you are not at home. A thermostat with a programmable timer can do this automatically. You'll save no less than 5 to 8% of gas a year, which comes to around €200.

More comfort in your business gallery thanks to sustainable seat heating

Astrid Hendrikx | 26 September 2019

Comfortably enjoying home games in the business tribune? Nowadays, you can sit heated with Sit & Heat stadium seat heating. By adding a few small elements, you can create the ultimate in comfort. Heracles Almelo, VV Noordwijk, Katwijk Quick Boys, VV Venlo and FC Dak have already done so. Moreover, you will save costs. Curious how seat heating works in stadiums? Then read on.

Durable seat heating

Enjoying home games in warm weather is now possible with Sit & Heat's seat heating system. You can place it in the business seats and it will warm up the torso of the spectator. Sit & Heat's sustainable seat heating system saves up to 95% in energy costs compared to conventional heating systems. Are you curious how much you can save on your grandstand? Go to here. the test.

Options for sports stadiums

Sit & Heat can be built into almost any business seat. If, for example, your business seats are not yet ready for replacement, it is possible to install Sit & Heat in your seats. This way you can offer everyone in the stands a warm experience. Our in-house installer will quickly and easily connect the system for you.

Interesting for sponsors

The heated seats in the stands can be very interesting for sponsors. By embroidering a logo on the seats, large sponsors increase their visibility. Moreover, it contributes to a sustainable image.

Photo: Sit & Heat