Cushions for the British bum at Wagtail

The Sit & Heat heat pillows are popping up in more and more places. Now also on a brand new roof terrace in the heart of London! For this we had the opportunity to collaborate with big names from the design world. We even travelled to the British outback to deliver the project in perfect condition.

In May 2022, Wagtail opened its doors: a high-end restaurant and cocktail bar in the Financial District of London. From the roof terrace, you have a 360° view of the city, with a spectacular view of London Bridge. The interior was designed by architect and designer Russell Sage: a big name in the design world. He designs, for example, five-star hotels, exclusive restaurants and luxury bars. Fortunately, he feels it is important for his guests to be warm and comfortable. He enlisted our help for sustainable patio heating!

The needs of Russell Sage

"What designers like is for an interior to be made exactly as they sketch it," says Sit & Heat founder Jorg Rijkschroeff. "That's why they come to us: we deliver customised work, that's our expertise. Russell Sage approached us through our agent Anthony Gerard, the face of Sit & Heat in the UK." Anthony already has many warm contacts in the UK, as he also works as an agent for Symo Parasols' hospitality parasols.

"We launched Sit & Heat in the UK in spring 2021," Anthony explains. "Quite quickly after, Russell Sage showed interest in Sit & Heat for the project we now know as Wagtail - but in those days it was called '68 King William Street'." There were lots and lots of complicated specifications, unusual requirements and the request to work with different furniture makers: a great challenge.

On to England

"Russell Sage had already selected three British parties, with whom we were able to deliver the furniture and heating as a single unit," says Jorg. "The Contract Chair supplied chairs and bar stools. They sent samples to us in Nijmegen, so we could make the heating to measure. 3 Interiors constructed terrace benches, for which we made cushions. Finally, we worked with Coco Wolf: a fairly exclusive furniture brand that supplies fully upholstered sofas and chairs."

Just before the completion date, Coco Wolf turned out to be short on time. Jorg continues: "So we flew to England a day early to help assemble all the parts! We connected the seat heating electronics on the spot. That was in an old nineteenth-century factory, as you only know it from TV. It was really cool to end up there like that!” The end result can now be admired. For an impression of the atmosphere, take a look at Wagtail's Instagram page. de Instagrampagina van Wagtail.

Tastes like more

The United Kingdom is not unknown territory for Sit & Heat. The heat pillows from Nijmegen are also found at the chic champagne bar in Harrods and at the rooftop bar of the Berkeley Hotel. "All the big architects of Europe are based in London. They also design for Milan, Amsterdam, you name it," says commercial director Jeroen Diks. "In addition to Russell Sage, we are already working with architects such as Brady Williams." As far as Sit & Heat is concerned, there are still many designers and special locations to come!

Wilma & Albèrts

In the middle of Haarlem, in the shadow of the Grote Bavokerk, lies an ancient catering street: the Oude Groenmarkt. Amidst the cosy pubs and restaurants you will find Wilma & Albèrts Steakhouse. Known since 1971 for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, generous portions and steaks of amazing quality.

Old-fashioned enjoyment

Wilma & Albèrt's Steakhouse first opened its doors in 1971. By now, it has been almost 20 years since Albèrt took off his chef's jacket for the last time. But still, hundreds of people enjoy his legacy every day.

Chef Maarten Vledder has taken on the honourable task of upholding and continuing the name of Wilma & Albèrts. Just like founder Albèrt and former owner Lucas Krabshuis, Maarten is of the old school and that is why there is still as much as possible homemade. Where can you still see the chefs boning their own meat, smoking whole salmon and even baking the biscuits to accompany their coffee? At Wilma and Àlberts, everything is still done to ensure that the guest enjoys the old-fashioned way of life.

With a modern, warm touch

On Wilma and Àlberts' terrace, the characteristic French chairs beckon passers-by. The terrace is also a popular spot for regular guests of the steakhouse. The Sit & Heat cushions are a perfect addition to enhance guest enjoyment. Initially, the choice was made to equip part of the terrace with heated cushions, but after the first experiences, this soon proved to be insufficient. Guests appreciated the wonderful warmth so much that extending it to the entire terrace was a logical step. Old-fashioned enjoyment, but with a modern, warm touch!



At BUUV. you can enjoy yourself in an informal way. A beautiful place, at the Goffertpark in the sun where everyone is welcome at different times of the day; in the sun on the terrace, in the park with a nice picnic, with the neighbour to a beer after a long day at work, or just get an ice cream. BUUV. is really there for everyone.

Wonderful place to be

The terrace is a great place to be. The cold is not a problem here. Not only because of the sunny location, but also thanks to the comfortable cushions of Sit & Heat, guests can enjoy BUUV's many delicious drinks and snacks outside for a long time. In addition to increasing seating comfort, the cushions also make traditional patio heaters unnecessary. A win-win for people and the environment


The environmental aspect is very important to owners Alwin Barten and his wife Ellen. When they started the BUUV. adventure in March 2020, a major renovation awaited them. The entire building is fitted with double glazing, good insulation and as many energy-efficient devices as possible. The Sit & Heat heat pads complete the picture. They also provide sustainable heating for the terrace. Something that can count on a lot of appreciation from the guests. Alwin enthusiastically talks about all the positive reactions to the cushions. "I often hear guests say: can't we do that at home, nice in the garden? That's possible, because the cushions are available in different colours and sizes and can be made to measure. In this way, the all-day café inspires guests to make their homes more sustainable too. A nice side effect for BUUV: thanks to the comfortable cushions, guests stay seated longer and order an extra beer or dish, which generates extra income.

Café Vrijdag

The place where you can pretend you're at home, drink good coffee, have lunch and dinner, read the paper, throw a party, have drinks and play cool games! Café Vrijdag is located on the corner of Spijkerstraat and Velperbuitensingel opposite Musispark. It is the perfect meeting place after shopping or a visit to one of the surrounding theatres. Musis Stadstheater, Schouwburg Arnhem and Theater het Hof are just around the corner.

In June 2018, current owner Ronald, took over the beautiful Café Vrijdag. At that time, the café had already existed for 19 years. Together with good friend Kimon and girlfriend Vera who works with him from time to time, Ronald continues the café with love and passion. When on 15 March 2020, Corona forced the café to close and one day later Vera's job at KLM came to an end, it all seemed to have come to nothing. But this also gives them peace of mind and room to think. Kimon decides to go his own way outside the hospitality industry and Vera decides to come and work at Café Vrijdag full-time. 

It turned out to be the right move and Ronald and Vera are enormously proud of what they call 'the cosiest corner of Velperbuitensingel'. It has only become cosier and Friday is still Friday.

Real eye-catcher

Because of its unique location, Café Vrijdag's terrace is a real eye-catcher. A perfect place for Sit & Heat, we thought. We spontaneously sat down with Ronald for coffee. He was immediately enthusiastic, and this enthusiasm was boosted by the free grant from the Municipality of Arnhem during the Corona pandemic. We looked for the best way to offer the guests an extra experience and how to create extra places on the terrace. The result is impressive: the frontage benches are heated with Sit & Heat cushions bearing Café Vrijdag's distinctive logo. If you drive around the city of Arnhem now, you cannot miss Café Vrijdag.


Me & Mrs P

At Me & MRs P they describe themselves as follows:

Me & Mrs. P are different as: Bert & Ernie, Ham & Cheese, Beer & Balls, Right & Left, Pepper & Salt, Sun & Moon, Lost & Found, Bubbles & Oysters, Sooner & Later, Heads & Tails...

...but inseparable.

Together they create a place where you can be yourself, feel at home and don't have to do anything. In other words, a place where you can be unforced.

Pippi as an inspiration

That casualness is also reflected in the interior. A cheerful place with many rounded shapes and bright colours that have been lightly flattened. The inspiration for this cheerfulness lies in Pippi Longstocking. Owner Ella is a fan of Pippi Longstocking. Fun fact: the P. in Me & MRS P also stands for Pippi.

The cheerfulness of the interior is continued in the terrace. A beautiful place with lovely seating areas that fully reflect the atmosphere and experience of the interior. Colours and shapes played a major role in the choice of cushions with Sit & Heat. In the back garden, a lovely place has been created where a lounge cushion with plump cushions as back cushions has been chosen to allow you to dream away.

Ristorante & Pizzeria La vita è bella

La Vita é Bella, or Life is Beautiful. It is not only the name of a beautiful restaurant in Midlaren, but also the opinion of the owner Chris. What makes life beautiful for him is very simple:  Being surrounded by close friends and family. Enjoying the simple things in life together with your loved ones, such as good food and casual conviviality. A beautiful life is the smile on your face after the first sip of that fantastic wine. And above all, creating sweet memories together, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Italian in a modern setting

The atmosphere in the restaurant reflects this warm and welcoming environment in every way. The tasteful and modern interior of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff and the inviting terrace all contribute to an optimal guest experience.

Warm and Chic

When Chris heard about the initiative from the province of Drenthe to grant a subsidy to entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry for sustainable patio heating, he did not hesitate for a moment. He had already experienced the heated cushions from Sit & Heat at several locations and found them so enjoyable that he wanted the same for his own guests. In the meantime, 36 chairs have been heated with a heated cushion. The combination of a light and soft colour choice with the gold embroidered logo gives a wonderful result, warm and chic! Perfectly fitting for a beautiful life; La Vita è Bella!

Douwe Egberts Café

With around 12 cafés spread throughout the Netherlands, there is a place in almost every province for a delicious home-roasted cup of Douwe Egberts coffee. In the spacious and modernly designed coffee cafés of DE, one can enjoy an extensive breakfast from 08.00 hrs. and a delicious lunch in the afternoon. And of course all this with a cup of coffee.

THE cosiest living room in the Netherlands

Leuke stukje geschiedenis… Tijdens een vakantie in New York, waar hij op elke straathoek koffietentjes tegenkwam, kreeg Patrick van Erven het idee om een eigen koffiecafé te starten. Vijf jaar later werd zijn idee werkelijkheid. Op de hoek van Doelesteeg en het Ruiterskwartier opende hij, samen met zijn vader, in de zomer van 2011 de deuren van het Douwe Egberts Café in Leeuwarden. Sindsdien is het koffie wat de klok slaat. Je komt naar Douwe Egberts Cafés omdat je wilt genieten van de lekkerste koffie, in welke vorm dan ook, in de gezelligste huiskamer van Nederland! En dat mensen zich thuis voelen, blijkt wel uit het feit dat Patrick iedereen voorbij ziet komen; Van wandelstokken tot kinderwagens en van studieboeken tot laptops: "Het komt hier allemaal!”

Safe and warm

If Corona causes the catering industry in the Netherlands to close down, Patrick chooses to invest in a heated terrace. Sit & Heat was the solution they were looking for. This way, they could still receive guests in a safe and warm way. The cushions have proved such a success that they have not been confined to Leeuwarden alone. Groningen, Zwolle and Enschede have followed. The heated seat cushions with DE logo are on more than 200 chairs at these locations and the next plans are already being prepared. A partnership that makes us warm!

Restaurant Moustique

Restaurant Moustique

Only the very best! That is what Moustique restaurant is all about. Pure seasonal ingredients as a basis, offered by passionate suppliers. Everything to let the guest enjoy a culinary experience of the highest level. 

In May 2021, restaurant Moustique will open its doors in the centre of Haarlem. The restaurant owes its name to the nickname that Haarlem citizens are proud to bear, the Haarlem Mug. The collaboration of Chef Jesse van Leeuwen and Maître Jelmer Molendijk starts when they are colleagues in Restaurant Duin en Kruidberg. In the spring of 2021, they decide to take the plunge and open the restaurant at the Oude Groenmarkt. 

The perfect solution!

Overlooking the beautiful Sint Bavo Church, the terrace is beautifully situated. Not only this view and the delicious food make it fight for a table; also the comfortable heated cushions of Sit & Heat can count on the approval of guests. It is therefore the perfect solution! The location of the restaurant, around the church, makes it difficult to use traditional heating methods. There is always a breeze, so the heat from a heater is blown away and does not reach the place where you would like it to: the guest.

For this reason, when making the plans for the opening of the restaurant, it was soon clear that the heated cushions of Sit & Heat would be a perfect addition to the total customer experience. Due to restaurant Moustique and Sit & Heat's joint collaboration with Heineken, not only was the Moustique logo embroidered on the cushion, but the Heineken logo was also given a place on the cushion.

Brasa Bar and Kitchen

Brasa Purmerend has the best terrace in the Netherlands! As winner of the Terrace Top 100 they may wear this title with pride for a whole year. And proud they are: 'It is the crowning glory of work, the result of hard work and a fantastic team. We are constantly working to achieve a high level and perform our work with passion', says owner Arwin Versteyne.

"It's a pleasure to sit here."

The jury's report is clear: "It is a joy to be here. Brasa once again captivates everyone with an absurdly high standard. They know all the ins and outs and have an eye for detail". It is hard to get a better compliment. Located on the most beautiful catering square in North Holland, the Koemarkt, the terrace with 180 chairs is a perfect spot for a nice cup of coffee and breakfast, lunch or delicious dinner.

Further development for even more comfort

The fact that Brasa did not sit still after winning the prize is evidenced by the further development of the prize-winning terrace. In their search for ways to offer guests even more comfort, they came across the heated terrace cushions of Sit & Heat. In collaboration with Fever Tree, the first 60 chairs were provided with heated cushions. An extra reason to go and experience the party for yourself!


Friendship Amsterdam

Shipping company Friendship and Sit & Heat provide warm buttocks on the water

Amsterdam - During your luxury canal cruise in Amsterdam you will have warm buttocks! Friendship Amsterdam ensures that the temperature on a canal cruise is not only pleasant in summer, but also during the colder days. And this with a heating system where no heat is lost to the outside air, which fits well with 'Amsterdam Vaart Schoon'.

Shipping company Friendship

Friendship Amsterdam is een onderneming gestart door twee vrienden met de grootste liefde voor watersport en boten. Ze vernoemen hun organisatie naar de eerste boot die ze gebouwd hebben en de band tussen hen beide. Hun motto en tevens uitgangspunt voor hun dienstverlening: Friendship isn't one big thing, it's a million little things. Met de luxe en persoonlijke boottochten door de grachten geniet je van "The Ultimate Amsterdam Experience".Genieten van de mooie stad zoals 'locals' dat doen.

"The Ultimate Amsterdam Experience"..

The ultimate Amsterdam Experience

Heated boat cushions

The cushions are custom-made for the unique and trendy boats. The heating system in the cushion heats you immediately, with only 20Watt per seat. This is 95% less than usual patio heaters. The sensor in the cushion switches the heater on and off. Comfortable, innovative and energy efficient!