Innovative collaboration between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat

In the vibrant city of Eindhoven, where culinary creativity and innovation converge, a remarkable collaboration has taken place between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat. This unique collaboration not only offers an unforgettable culinary experience in the atmospheric domes, but also introduces Sit & Heat's pioneering heat pads to keep guests warm even on cold nights.

A new era of dining in Eindhoven

Dinner Domes are an emerging trend in the hospitality industry, where guests can enjoy an intimate and exclusive dining experience in translucent, dome-shaped 'domes'. This unique setting not only offers protection from bad and cold weather, but also creates a magical atmosphere perfect for special occasions or just a cosy dinner under the stars.

In Eindhoven, the Dinner Domes have taken this experience to the next level by partnering with Sit & Heat. Our innovative heat cushions fit perfectly into the domes and provide pleasant warmth to guests, allowing them to enjoy their dinner in comfort.

First in the Netherlands

Paul van Boxtel has taken the initiative to set up the Dinner Dome concept in Eindhoven. At the foot of the majestic Sint-Catharinakerk church, you will find the cosy Dinner Domes near Thomas Eindhoven. Paul has a first with this initiative, as these are the first Dinner Domes ever in the Netherlands! So the Dinner Domes are a truly unique experience!

Sit & Heat: Warm and comfortable in any chair

Sit & Heat is known for its advanced heat cushions that provide pleasant warmth regardless of the outside temperature. With wireless heat technology, guests can take a seat on the wonderfully warm seats, ensuring a pleasant feeling. The use of sustainable and energy-efficient materials makes Sit & Heat not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

The collaboration between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat shows how innovation and attention to comfort can go hand in hand in the hospitality industry. It is not just a meal, but a complete experience that stimulates the senses and gives guests an unforgettable evening.

A warm welcome to Eindhoven's culinary scene

This exciting collaboration sets a new standard for creating a warm and welcoming outdoor environment. While guests feast on delicious dishes, they can relax and enjoy the warmth even when the temperature drops. This collaboration promises a warm experience for everyone who enters the Dinner Domes.

de Maaskantine

Do you love BBQ, cocktails, and a relaxing atmosphere by the river? Then you will love de Maaskantine, a unique place in Rotterdam where you can enjoy all these things and more. Whether you want to chill out on their natural beach, join their fun events, or host your own party, de Maaskantine has something for everyone.

Good Times for All

De Maaskantine is a unique hospitality experience where you can feel that holiday-buzz without leaving the city. They have a varied menu of satisfying BBQ foods, with a twist of course, inspired by the famous American East Coast. You can also sip on some beachy cocktails that will surely make you feel like you are on vacation. We recommend the Maaskantine Punch, if you’re game! But, you can also enjoy their refreshing lemonades and smoothies as you relax on their beautiful river-side terrace.

De Maaskantine: where city life meets paradise.

Looking for a fun time? de Maaskantine has you covered. They have a huge outdoor patio with chairs galore and picnic benches along the water, and a spacious indoor area that can accommodate up to 200 people. They also have a varied program of film screenings on the beach, fun competitions, different themed pub quizzes, and majestic parties till sundown.

Photo courtesy of: de Maaskantine - Rotterdam

A Big Splash of Colour and Comfort

What makes de Maaskantine even more fun, warm, and inviting is their colourful heated outdoor seating from us at Sit & Heat. The team at de Maaskantine wanted an energy-efficient and eco-friendly outdoor heating option that was easy to set-up. They also didn’t want to obscure their vibrant decor and incredible views of the Rotterdam city-scape, which we totally understood.

So we collaborated with de Maaskantine to create outdoor heated seating that is super funky and comfortable. For this, we used Nimma chair cushions creating a flexible, cordless, and cosy environment for their customers. The warmth from our chairs is especially nice during colder days or nights, when guests can still enjoy the entire outdoor patio without feeling the Maas river chill. The owners chose various bright colours in Agora Liso which is known for its durability and UV resistance, super ideal when you’re on the bustling Maas River in Rotterdam.



Photo courtesy of: de Maaskantine - Rotterdam

Keep the Style but Make It Hot

De Maaskantine were looking for a colourful addition to their fun interior, so Roel de Vries, our experienced hospitality expert, worked with the Maakantine team to deliver exactly the look they were looking for. The end product is a colourful terrace and riverside that is a delight to see and experience. Our heated cushions are a great success during their special outdoor events and movie nights.

Always On at De Maaskantine

At de Maaskantine, you can enjoy delicious BBQ dishes inspired by the American coast, and sip refreshing lemonades and cocktails. Rotterdam's best views are included in the experience, all while enjoying the warmth and comfort of our Sit & Heat cushions. So next time you're in Rotterdam, head to the Maaskantine and experience urban relaxation at its best, especially when sitting on Sit & Heat's heated cushions.

Photo courtesy of: de Maaskantine - Rotterdam 

Hotel Okura's restaurant: 'Serre'.

In the heart of Amsterdam, amidst the bustling urban setting, lies Hotel Okura - a place of luxury and tranquillity. Famed for its outstanding Japanese hospitality, this iconic hotel boasts spacious rooms, world-class amenities and a trio of Michelin-awarded restaurants. We invite you to experience the culinary excellence of Serre, Hotel Okura's restaurant. Sit & Heat was privileged to collaborate with this extraordinary restaurant and design a heated seating area for guests that enhances their dining experience with environmentally conscious warmth and comfort.

Photo credit: Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Conservatory: A Michelin-starred restaurant

Serre, the famous restaurant at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, invites guests to enjoy relaxed dining and expertly prepared dishes throughout the day. This culinary haven offers a diverse range of international dishes for the gourmet. Guests can enjoy Serre's internationally inspired 3- or 4-course Bibendum menus, a testament to the restaurant's dedication to providing exquisite cuisine at accessible prices.

The atmosphere in the restaurant combines sophistication and comfort, offering a stylish Amsterdam backdrop for any occasion, be it a relaxed breakfast or an intimate dinner. At the head of the restaurant is Arjan Speelman, a man who believes in the beauty of culinary simplicity. Serre's menu caters for all tastes, from beer and bitterballen to caviar and Dom Pérignon, ensuring every guest has a delicious experience.

The Sit & Heat experience

In 2022, Sit & Heat partnered with Hotel Okura to bring environmental awareness and increased guest comfort to the famous Serre canal-side terrace. Representing the elegance of Japanese hospitality, Hotel Okura has long been a symbol of quiet excellence and we were keen to uphold this tradition with our project. Our attention to detail resulted in Sit & Heat's custom-made chair cushions, designed specifically for the seating on Serre's picturesque canal-side terrace. These battery-powered cushions offer guests wonderful comfort that perfectly complements the soothing surroundings. Decorated with an exclusive fabric and colour, featuring the Serre logo, these cushions now an important addition to the delightful ambience of Serre's terrace.

Jeroen Taillie, assistant director of food and beverage, brings a wealth of experience and a legacy of excellence to Hotel Okura. Jeroen's dedication to providing an exceptional experience for guests made partnering with Sit & Heat a logical choice. It is a privilege for Sit & Heat to partner with a respected food and beverage venue like Hotel Okura, where Michelin recognition is a hallmark of quality.

Since our partnership with Hotel Okura, we have been approached by guests and influencers from around the world who have experienced our exceptional products at Serre. They were fascinated by our warm offering and impressed by the way we are able to seamlessly match our products.

Photo credit: Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Greenhouse's sun-drenched terrace: A quiet spot

Serre's sun-drenched terrace is a popular spot for guests, especially during the warmer months. This terrace overlooks the tranquil waters of Amsterdam's famous canals and is easily accessible by boat. In early spring, visitors can enjoy the enchanting surroundings when cherry blossoms bloom in shades of white and pink, adding an extra layer of charm to the area. Serre is an oasis in Amsterdam, where relaxation and enjoyment reign supreme.

The Michelin star and the Bib Gourmand

Serre is not just any restaurant; it is a Michelin-recognised culinary gem in the Amsterdam kitchen scene. The critical Michelin guide recognises Serre's commitment to culinary excellence. Serre holds the Bib Gourmand, a symbol of exceptional value for money. The Bibendum menu, with 3 or 4 courses, includes gourmet dining without the expensive price tag.

The name "Bib" is an abbreviation of Bibendum, the iconic Michelin male, which stands for accessible yet high-quality dining experiences. Serre's Michelin recognition and Bib Gourmand are a testament to their commitment to creating unforgettable and accessible culinary journeys for customers.



Praise from critics

Critics and foodies have showered Serre with accolades:

Michelin Guide: "Like Okura's other restaurants, quality is at the heart of this chic luxury brasserie, which has a beautiful canal-side terrace. Excellent produce supports the internationally-tinged cuisine here. The chef uses preparations from different cooking styles and unites them in dishes that are simply delectable."

Photo credit: Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Taste the Greenhouse experience

Hotel Okura Amsterdam's Serre restaurant is a testament to their culinary talent, offering a delicious blend of international flavours in an inviting and tranquil setting. With its Michelin recognition and Bib Gourmand award, Serre continues to fascinate critics and customers alike, offering an exceptional dining experience that is both accessible and unforgettable. At Sit & Heat, we are proud of our partnership with Hotel Okura, enhancing the comfort and luxury of Serre's guests with our bespoke heated cushions, making every visit to this Michelin-recognised restaurant warm and memorable.

Restoration Hardware

Discover the perfect blend of luxury, warmth and elegance at RH New York's exquisite rooftop restaurant. Located atop RH New York's sprawling 90,000-square-metre design centre in the historic Meatpacking District, this culinary haven offers guests a captivating dining experience like no other. While Restoration Hardware (RH) leads the US and Canadian luxury furniture market, its collaboration with Sit & Heat has made this destination the new hotspot.

Journey to excellence: collaboration with Restoration Hardware Manufacturing

Restoration Hardware (RH) has become a household name, famous for its exquisite collection of furniture, lighting, textiles, bath items, decoration and outdoor products. With their signature "RH", they have left an indelible mark of sophistication on the hearts of consumers and offer design services that are unmatched in their industry. RH New York now takes luxury to the next level with the Rooftop Restaurant, where guests can dine in warmth and comfort amidst the breathtaking skyline views, thanks to the seamless collaboration with Sit & Heat for this project.

Where luxury, warmth and sophistication meet

In the heart of downtown Manhattan, RH New York's design centre stands as a testament to their dedication to blurring the lines between residential and retail spaces. Here you can discover over 8,000 square metres of indoor and outdoor elegance, making it a trendsetter in both the residential and hospitality industries.

A seamless partnership with Sit & Heat

To heat up the rooftop dining experience at RH New York, a partnership was formed between Restoration Hardware Manufacturing and Sit & Heat. Our innovative systems were carefully matched to RH's luxurious seating, so that every guest could enjoy the breathtaking skyline views comfortably and warmly. A team from Sit & Heat flew to New York, where they expertly implemented these custom-made heating systems. They offered guests an unparalleled, warm experience in the sometimes chilly New York air.

RH's Market

Decorating your own home is great fun, but if you are buying a second or third home, you might be less inclined to do it yourself. For the wealthiest Americans, Restoration Hardware offers a solution. "Tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, cushions, they have everything," says Jorg Rijkschroeff, founder of Sit & Heat. "Usually customers come for the complete furnishing of their impressive homes. They shop for several hundred thousand dollars worth of home furnishings and leave everything to Restoration Hardware."

He continues: "In major US cities, Restoration Hardware has flagship stores, their flagship stores. In New York, this shop is in the Meatpacking District, an expensive neighbourhood in Manhattan. They converted an old factory building, which looks really cool, and added a rooftop bar." Sit & Heat was asked to custom-made heated cushions supply. "We heated about 100 chairs, but of course they had to be in cushions of their own brand."

A large package

Jorg further shared his take on the project's journey: "Restoration Hardware sent us a cushion. We received the biggest box you can send. I think the box was was more than three metres? Really huge. It contained one very

big cushion in it, a four-seater for a big sofa. We used that to make a prototype heated cushion and sent that back."

Challenges and Sit & Heat solutions

During the process, Jorg and the team had to overcome challenges. "I met with the flagship store in New York, Restoration Hardware headquarters in California and the manufacturer in North Carolina. The manufacturer said, 'This do

n we don't! We can't install electronics; it's too complicated. So I went through a whole manual with him," Jorg says. "But then the manufacturer still said, 'We're not certified for this; it's too complicated.' So I suggested: 'What if we do it? What if we assemble it? ' The reassuring answer was: yes, then the cushions can come to New York. Not much later, Jorg and the team were on their way to America.

From New York to the southern states

"We first went to New York to discuss the project. We were also given a tour of the shop," Jorg explains. It became clear that Restoration Hardware is meant for the super-rich. "We had to report to the Golden Desk - they have a real gold desk at the entrance," he says. The next stop was a big contrast: the Restoration Hardware factory in Hickory, North Carolina. "The southern US is almost a different country compared to New York. We spent a week immersed in factory life in a southern state. You can't get a much more pure experience. The people there were super friendly and nice."

Getting it Done

On site, Jorg and the team installed all the electronics in the cushions. They worked with mechanics and seamstresses. "It was an experience not soon to forget. It was very inspiring to see how Restoration Hardware operates on such a large scale, how they organise the factory, which machines they use and how they maintain quality. We learnt a lot from that!"

Multiple floors: the ultimate luxury experience

RH New York seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor spaces on several floors to create a unique shopping and dining experience. The rooftop terrace restaurant is a particular highlight. It flows seamlessly into a beautifully landscaped park and wine terrace and offers iconic views of downtown Manhattan. Reflecting on this part of the journey, Jorg proudly remarked, "So we equipped their Giant Cushions with our top-of-the-line heating systems, and the final product was something to be proud of."

Proud of New York

Jorg concluded with a sense of pride: "The roof is a super cool place with a great view. Wow, our products are up there. It's great to travel the world with Sit & Heat, but even more so to collaborate with such a big name. Restoration Hardware is one of the biggest names in America and this collaboration shows that we can deliver at the highest level."

Boscafé de Zweef

A hospitality hotspot with a special view of the glider airfield of the Nijmegen Aeroclub. The unique location, accessibility for walkers and cyclists and the lovely casual atmosphere make this forest café a popular spot for young and old.


Durability and comfort in one 

"With Sit & Heat's heat pads, you combine sustainability and comfort," says Steven, owner of Boscafé de Zweef. "We are constantly looking for ways to increase the comfort for our guests and ensure a terrace where our guests can sit comfortably. The extra comfort means people stay longer and our outdoor space is also used more in winter. Sustainability is also a big theme. We are in the middle of beautiful nature here and want to do our bit to preserve it. Sit & Heat's cushions use much less energy than a patio heater, for instance, which saves costs. The solution offered by Sit & Heat combines sustainability and comfort in a way that suits us as a catering establishment."    



"We are always looking for ways to load our brand and translate our branding to increase recognition and experience for our guests. So the ability to add your own signage to the cushions is a nice touch. It allows you to subtly reflect the logo on all the cushions."  

Wilma & Albèrts

In the middle of Haarlem, in the shadow of the Grote Bavokerk, lies an ancient catering street: the Oude Groenmarkt. Amidst the cosy pubs and restaurants you will find Wilma & Albèrts Steakhouse. Known since 1971 for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, generous portions and steaks of amazing quality.

Old-fashioned enjoyment

Wilma & Albèrt's Steakhouse first opened its doors in 1971. By now, it has been almost 20 years since Albèrt took off his chef's jacket for the last time. But still, hundreds of people enjoy his legacy every day.

Chef Maarten Vledder has taken on the honourable task of upholding and continuing the name of Wilma & Albèrts. Just like founder Albèrt and former owner Lucas Krabshuis, Maarten is of the old school and that is why there is still as much as possible homemade. Where can you still see the chefs boning their own meat, smoking whole salmon and even baking the biscuits to accompany their coffee? At Wilma and Àlberts, everything is still done to ensure that the guest enjoys the old-fashioned way of life.

With a modern, warm touch

On Wilma and Àlberts' terrace, the characteristic French chairs beckon passers-by. The terrace is also a popular spot for regular guests of the steakhouse. The Sit & Heat cushions are a perfect addition to enhance guest enjoyment. Initially, the choice was made to equip part of the terrace with heated cushions, but after the first experiences, this soon proved to be insufficient. Guests appreciated the wonderful warmth so much that extending it to the entire terrace was a logical step. Old-fashioned enjoyment, but with a modern, warm touch!



At BUUV. you can enjoy yourself in an informal way. A beautiful place, at the Goffertpark in the sun where everyone is welcome at different times of the day; in the sun on the terrace, in the park with a nice picnic, with the neighbour to a beer after a long day at work, or just get an ice cream. BUUV. is really there for everyone.

Wonderful place to be

The terrace is a great place to be. The cold is not a problem here. Not only because of the sunny location, but also thanks to the comfortable cushions of Sit & Heat, guests can enjoy BUUV's many delicious drinks and snacks outside for a long time. In addition to increasing seating comfort, the cushions also make traditional patio heaters unnecessary. A win-win for people and the environment


The environmental aspect is very important to owners Alwin Barten and his wife Ellen. When they started the BUUV. adventure in March 2020, a major renovation awaited them. The entire building is fitted with double glazing, good insulation and as many energy-efficient devices as possible. The Sit & Heat heat pads complete the picture. They also provide sustainable heating for the terrace. Something that can count on a lot of appreciation from the guests. Alwin enthusiastically talks about all the positive reactions to the cushions. "I often hear guests say: can't we do that at home, nice in the garden? That's possible, because the cushions are available in different colours and sizes and can be made to measure. In this way, the all-day café inspires guests to make their homes more sustainable too. A nice side effect for BUUV: thanks to the comfortable cushions, guests stay seated longer and order an extra beer or dish, which generates extra income.

Café Vrijdag

The place where you can pretend you're at home, drink good coffee, have lunch and dinner, read the paper, throw a party, have drinks and play cool games! Café Vrijdag is located on the corner of Spijkerstraat and Velperbuitensingel opposite Musispark. It is the perfect meeting place after shopping or a visit to one of the surrounding theatres. Musis Stadstheater, Schouwburg Arnhem and Theater het Hof are just around the corner.

In June 2018, current owner Ronald, took over the beautiful Café Vrijdag. At that time, the café had already existed for 19 years. Together with good friend Kimon and girlfriend Vera who works with him from time to time, Ronald continues the café with love and passion. When on 15 March 2020, Corona forced the café to close and one day later Vera's job at KLM came to an end, it all seemed to have come to nothing. But this also gives them peace of mind and room to think. Kimon decides to go his own way outside the hospitality industry and Vera decides to come and work at Café Vrijdag full-time. 

It turned out to be the right move and Ronald and Vera are enormously proud of what they call 'the cosiest corner of Velperbuitensingel'. It has only become cosier and Friday is still Friday.

Real eye-catcher

Because of its unique location, Café Vrijdag's terrace is a real eye-catcher. A perfect place for Sit & Heat, we thought. We spontaneously sat down with Ronald for coffee. He was immediately enthusiastic, and this enthusiasm was boosted by the free grant from the Municipality of Arnhem during the Corona pandemic. We looked for the best way to offer the guests an extra experience and how to create extra places on the terrace. The result is impressive: the frontage benches are heated with Sit & Heat cushions bearing Café Vrijdag's distinctive logo. If you drive around the city of Arnhem now, you cannot miss Café Vrijdag.


Me & Mrs P

At Me & MRs P they describe themselves as follows:

Me & Mrs. P are different as: Bert & Ernie, Ham & Cheese, Beer & Balls, Right & Left, Pepper & Salt, Sun & Moon, Lost & Found, Bubbles & Oysters, Sooner & Later, Heads & Tails...

...but inseparable.

Together they create a place where you can be yourself, feel at home and don't have to do anything. In other words, a place where you can be unforced.

Pippi as an inspiration

That casualness is also reflected in the interior. A cheerful place with many rounded shapes and bright colours that have been lightly flattened. The inspiration for this cheerfulness lies in Pippi Longstocking. Owner Ella is a fan of Pippi Longstocking. Fun fact: the P. in Me & MRS P also stands for Pippi.

The cheerfulness of the interior is continued in the terrace. A beautiful place with lovely seating areas that fully reflect the atmosphere and experience of the interior. Colours and shapes played a major role in the choice of cushions with Sit & Heat. In the back garden, a lovely place has been created where a lounge cushion with plump cushions as back cushions has been chosen to allow you to dream away.

Ristorante & Pizzeria La vita è bella

La Vita é Bella, or Life is Beautiful. It is not only the name of a beautiful restaurant in Midlaren, but also the opinion of the owner Chris. What makes life beautiful for him is very simple:  Being surrounded by close friends and family. Enjoying the simple things in life together with your loved ones, such as good food and casual conviviality. A beautiful life is the smile on your face after the first sip of that fantastic wine. And above all, creating sweet memories together, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Italian in a modern setting

The atmosphere in the restaurant reflects this warm and welcoming environment in every way. The tasteful and modern interior of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff and the inviting terrace all contribute to an optimal guest experience.

Warm and Chic

When Chris heard about the initiative from the province of Drenthe to grant a subsidy to entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry for sustainable patio heating, he did not hesitate for a moment. He had already experienced the heated cushions from Sit & Heat at several locations and found them so enjoyable that he wanted the same for his own guests. In the meantime, 36 chairs have been heated with a heated cushion. The combination of a light and soft colour choice with the gold embroidered logo gives a wonderful result, warm and chic! Perfectly fitting for a beautiful life; La Vita è Bella!