Café Vrijdag

Arnhem, The Netherlands

The place where you can pretend you're at home, drink good coffee, have lunch and dinner, read the paper, throw a party, have drinks and play cool games! Café Vrijdag is located on the corner of Spijkerstraat and Velperbuitensingel opposite Musispark. It is the perfect meeting place after shopping or a visit to one of the surrounding theatres. Musis Stadstheater, Schouwburg Arnhem and Theater het Hof are just around the corner.

In June 2018, current owner Ronald, took over the beautiful Café Vrijdag. At that time, the café had already existed for 19 years. Together with good friend Kimon and girlfriend Vera who works with him from time to time, Ronald continues the café with love and passion. When on 15 March 2020, Corona forced the café to close and one day later Vera's job at KLM came to an end, it all seemed to have come to nothing. But this also gives them peace of mind and room to think. Kimon decides to go his own way outside the hospitality industry and Vera decides to come and work at Café Vrijdag full-time. 

It turned out to be the right move and Ronald and Vera are enormously proud of what they call 'the cosiest corner of Velperbuitensingel'. It has only become cosier and Friday is still Friday.

Real eye-catcher

Because of its unique location, Café Vrijdag's terrace is a real eye-catcher. A perfect place for Sit & Heat, we thought. We spontaneously sat down with Ronald for coffee. He was immediately enthusiastic, and this enthusiasm was boosted by the free grant from the Municipality of Arnhem during the Corona pandemic. We looked for the best way to offer the guests an extra experience and how to create extra places on the terrace. The result is impressive: the frontage benches are heated with Sit & Heat cushions bearing Café Vrijdag's distinctive logo. If you drive around the city of Arnhem now, you cannot miss Café Vrijdag.


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