Café Top 100 2019 announced: Nijmegen is a top supplier of good cafés

November 20, 2019

Astrid Hendrikx | 20 November 2019

Every year, Misset Horeca publishes a list of the best cafés in the Netherlands with the Café Top 100. Last Monday, the Café Top 100 was announced and what turns out to be the case? This year Nijmegen delivers no less than seven cafés of the ranking. Read in this blog which cafés in Nijmegen are part of the Café Top 100 and why the jury is so enthusiastic. Did you know that half of the cafés in the Café Top 100 have Sit & Heat on their terrace?

The best cafés in Nijmegen

The rankings are compiled by a professional jury that makes unannounced visits and assesses cafés. It is striking that three cafés in Nijmegen are equipped with sustainable terrace heating. Café Faber, St. Anneke and Café De Opera have Sit & Heat heating pads on their terraces. Incidentally, these terraces are known as cosy winter terraces among the Nijmegen public. Read more about their assessment and the other nominated cafés of Nijmegen below.

Café Faber

To begin with, Café Faber graced the 25th place in the ranking. Last year, Café Faber was also in the rankings and this year the jury was once again in favour of the café: "We fell in love with this beautiful place. The kind of thing you hope for as a judge when you get to visit a café." The jury praised the beautiful interior, wide selection of beers, good staff and nice atmosphere. "An employee greeted us before we even walked onto the terrace. As if he knew we were going in there." The jury also gives compliments for the menu, nicely done in the form of a newspaper (Fabertjeskrant). Moreover, Sit & Heat is well represented on their terrace.

Café St. Anneke

On the 51st place is St. Anneke, located in the St. Annastraat in Nijmegen. According to the expert jury: "On many days, all those passing by see that the terrace at the front and side of the café is pleasantly crowded. The terrace has the attraction of a magnet." During the cold days, you can still sit outside at St Anneke's, nice and warm with the sustainable heat pillows from Sit & Heat. Moreover, there is a nice selection of wines and beers.

Café De Opera

On 75th place is Café De Opera in the Koningstraat in Nijmegen. "The Opera Nijmegen is a fine example of a (dark) brown café, and then one impressive battery of some 20 taps and almost 100 beers in bottles." In addition, the jury was impressed by the staff's knowledge of what is on the menu. According to the professional jury, beer is served correctly: at the right temperature, with clean glassware and with the logo and felt turned towards the guest. Besides beer, a lot of attention is paid to music: "Our bar staff compile their own fine music lists as a background for a good afternoon or evening of relaxation. On Fridays and Saturdays we regularly invite musicians and DJs."

Beer & Bites

Beer & Bites manages to secure the fourth spot in the Café Top 100, to be found in the Priemstraat in Nijmegen. According to a member of the jury: "One of the best pub visits in recent years! Beer & Bites has a wide range of beers and specialises in beer-food combinations. The combinations of certain beers with snacks are excellent according to the judges.

Café Piet Huisman

In 54th place is Café Piet Huisman in the St. Jacobslaan in Nijmegen. The pub looks like a billiard bar from the eighties on the inside. But this gives the place unique charm according to the jury. Moreover, the staff greets everybody personally, and the jury even speaks of one of the best cafes of the Netherlands.

Tasting Room Beij Ons

On place 60 of the Café Top 100 is Proeflokaal Beij Ons, to be found on the Daalsedwarsweg in Nijmegen. According to the jury, besides the large collection of special beers, you can also eat very well: "Proeflokaal Beij Ons is a special beer café with a surprisingly nice beer menu, with many Dutch special beers. The food is particularly good. The dishes are fresh, home-made and varied. The quality does not leave anything to be desired." 

Arsenal 1824

In 78th place this year is Arsenaal 1824, located at the Arsenaalpoort in Nijmegen. The jury speaks of a textbook example of a grand café today. "Nice sleek look, modern, cosy,according to the jury. There is a complete range to be found from spirits to wine, and from soft drinks to beer.

Misset Horeca Cafe Top 100

The annual Café Top 100 elections are organised by the catering trade magazine Misset Horeca. A café that wants to participate in these elections has to register itself and pay for its participation.

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