Café de Kroon

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Pieter van Soest is a true hospitality enthusiast, with a great passion for speciality beers. For 40 years, from bartender before, to now...owner of his own pub 'De Kroon'. Above all, Pieter loves tracking down and discovering new beers. "Recently I found another, for me, new kind of pilsner: a German one called 'Augustiner Edelstoff'. My new personal favourite," he says enthusiastically.

Extra service to my guests

Pieter is also enthusiastic about Sit & Heat. Café de Kroon is a brown pub, with many regulars and local residents who drop by. "The more than 100 different beers, the quizzes and especially the cosiness, that's what people come back for," says Pieter. "I have therefore taken Sit & Heat as an extra service to my guests".

"I often hear: hey too bad, they are already taken"    

More sales in winter

Reactions to Sit & Heat have been very positive, according to Pieter. "Many people don't know about it, which is why they keep talking about it. 'Huh too bad, they are already taken,' Pieter regularly hears. "Apart from the extra service to my customers, I naturally hope to get more sales from it on cold days".    

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