Café De Blonde Pater

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Nationally and internationally, the Blonde Pater has often been highly regarded at various championships. The Barista Championships, the most delicious sandwich of the Netherlands, the Nijmegen Terrace Prize and in September 2015 the 1st place in the Misset Koffie Top 100. The cosy, approachable atmosphere and the quality ensure that Café de Blonde Pater is packed every day.

Quality is in everything

"Quality is in several things," says Nicky. "Quality is in the speed, in the people who work there, in all the materials that are used and in the products. It is always a search for the best quality at an attractive price". Café De Blonde Pater is constantly improving and innovating. This is also one of the reasons why Café De Blonde Pater opted for Sit & Heat instead of traditional patio heaters. The three heaters that were hanging there are now gone. A nice saving of about €3,000 a year!

"Warm buttocks....GAAAAF!"   

Heaters are often left on unnecessarily

"Our business is often full inside. The terrace is then a logical extension, but it does require good heating in winter. We used to have heaters burning outside to attract people to the terrace. A huge waste of energy and, of course, a great shame. Now, only the guests at Café De Blonde Pater are heated and not the empty spaces around them. "The reactions of the guests are fantastic of course. The other day when I told someone inside about the warm buttocks, she said; no way! GAAAAF! Yes, people find that superdeluxe of course".      

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